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Deerhoof to perform first time in Riga

In May, the avant-garde rock music quartet Deerhoof from the United States will take the stage for the first time in Riga at the cultural space Hanzas Perons on Tuesday, May 14th. Tickets are available here

Founded nearly thirty years ago by percussionist Greg Saunier, Deerhoof remains one of the most influential indie rock bands in recent history. Often humorous and frequently quoted, their official biography provides a quirky overview of the ensemble's composition:

Satomi Matsuzaki plays the bass guitar and sings. Greg Saunier plays drums. John Dietrich and Ed Rodriguez play guitars. But what exactly is Deerhoof? Hell if we know!

With nineteen studio albums, numerous recordings, countless tours, performances at major festivals, and collaborations with various musicians and artists, Deerhoof's creative biography is richly woven. Their energetic and eclectic live performances transcend the superficial boundaries of rock music, leaving a lasting impression not only on audiences but also on fellow musicians. Radiohead, Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and musicians like Dave Grohl, Henry Rollins, and Questlove have all hailed them as sources of inspiration, even during their shared tours.

Describing their first visit to Latvia five years ago at a fishing village celebration near the shores of the Baltic Sea, writer Uldis Rudaks penned, "The passionately playful, inspired by any existing or dreamed-of genre, and simultaneously unrestricted eruption of rock music became one of the greatest musical adventures in a lifetime." An individual unafraid of terms like "the best band in the world!" or the esteemed 'Pitchfork' media, it seems, was significantly impressed.

Deerhoof is an American experimental rock band formed in San Francisco in 1994. The band is known for its eclectic and experimental approach to music, which incorporates elements of rock, jazz, noise, and electronica. Deerhoof has been praised for its innovative and unpredictable songwriting, as well as its energetic and virtuosic live performances.