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Jungle return to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia


British dance superstars Jungle are coming back to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in Summer 2024. Three cities, three fantastic shows, and an unforgettable experience you don’t want to miss:

10.06. - Lithuania, Vilnius, Kalnu Parkas

11.06. - Estonia, Haapsalu, Haapsalu Castle

12.06. - Latvia, Sigulda, Sigulda Castle

After ten years on stage, Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, the duo from the United Kingdom known as Jungle, are returning with newfound vigour. This year has been particularly explosive for them, with the release of "Volcano," their second album on their own label. This album demonstrates Jungle's growing confidence and freedom, allowing them to experiment with other artists and push the boundaries of their creativity.

The band's main source of inspiration and creative drive is freedom of speech. "We literally can do anything we want," they told Rolling Stone magazine. Jungle celebrate each of their most recent songs with the release of a music video. Music videos is Jungle's true passion – for the album "Volcano" released this year, they have already published a remarkable 12 beautifully crafted videos, each filled with lively dance moves. In the world of Jungle, dancing is allowed everywhere – at the table, in the audience, on the catwalk, backstage, and in the dressing room. And all dance moves are a manifestation of this freedom – each music video is like a short film that we watch when we close our eyes and let ourselves dance.

Jungle's music is suitable for any space and season, as well as any taste – for those who crave disco and those looking for something intelligent in music. It's impossible to stand still when listening to them. Their energy and songs are contagious, fascinating, and captivating. It’s pure bliss.

"Dance is the most instinctive way people react to music. It is the most powerful form of art,"

Jungle believe, and indeed, it's easy to feel like one of their video heroes at their concerts.

Despite their many achievements, Jungle's official website lacks joyous anecdotes or a biographical description of the band. Everything they want to convey, they do through their music. Today, they are at the top of every contemporary music lover's list as well as the most significant festival line-ups. Therefore, the concerts in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are crucial events in the Baltics concert scene that should not be missed.

Photo credit: Arthur Williams