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Milky Chance "Tour Again 2022" in the Baltics

Duo Milky Chance with their debut single “Stolen Dance” seduced millions of people in Europe and outside of its borders, now they are ready to return to the stage with new music. Milky Chance will perform in the Baltics as a part of their Europe tour “Tour Again 2022”.

New-fashioned folk music that incorporates jazz improvisations, as well as gentle and refined electronic beats, perceptible notes of reggae and indie-pop, a synthesis of the sounds of the '60s and modern dance music — their music is versatile and varied, it does not obey the previously drawn boundaries of music genres. Through improvisation and by experimenting in the studio while trusting their inner feelings, the Milky Chance duo is convinced that there is a necessity that music creates itself and exists on its own and it cannot be created under strict preconditions. 

"When you feel that perfect synchronization with someone, it’s almost as if nothing else matters," says Milky Chance guitarist and singer Clemens Rehbein. "Your worries, your anxieties, they just disappear, and all that is left is love.”

The duo Milky Chance started their way in music by accidental but lucky coincidence while both musicians were still in high school. Clemens Rehbein and Phillipp Dausch both quite quickly realized that the two are united by a common musical perception and understanding of what they consider to be comforting and enjoyable music. In the year 2013 “Milky Chance” aired their debut album “Sadnecessary”, completely recorded and produced in an improvised home studio. Since the beginning, they announced themselves quite noticeably in the music field with the hit “Stolen Dance” which was included in the album “Sadnecessary”. After debut album followed such albums as “Blossom” in 2017, “Mind the Moon” in 2019, and “Trip Tape” in 2021.

Although to almost everyone the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Milky Chance is their top hit “Stolen Dance” which stayed in Billboard top 1st place for over 8 weeks, the duo is noticeable and has gained their listeners trust also by such singles as “Don’t Let me Down” (2022), “The Game” (2019), “Colorado” (2021) and the newest, “Synchronize”(2022).

Have a look into the behind the scenes of "Synchronize" video:

As they have mentioned themselves, the isolation introduced by a global pandemic they used quite wisely, turning their attention to working in the studio and trying to search for new ways to express their feelings through music.

“We’re always trying to surprise ourselves in the studio,” says bassist/percussionist Phillipp Dausch. “You can get tunnel vision on the road, but we’ve had a lot more time at home these past few years, and having a break like that really helps you find some fresh perspective.”

Now it’s time for the long-awaited and well-deserved Europe concert tour. See you there!