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Rēzija Kalniņa & Kaspars Zemītis in music and poetry program "Moments After Dinner"

Rēzija Kalniņa and Kaspars Zemītis. Moments After Dinner.

On 15 June, at 08:00 PM, in the cosy hall "Daugavas skati" of ATTA CENTRE, the director and stage diva Rēzija Kalniņa and the virtuoso guitarist Kaspars Zemītis will meet in the music and poetry program "Moments after Dinner". Tickets here

This evening, Rēzija and Kaspars will share the poems and compositions that have spoken to their hearts.

Rēzija - "Everyone who reads poetry has had moments when it seems that the poet has looked into the corners of our hearts and written down the most hidden longings and feelings."

As musician Kaspars Zemītis says: "This is a way for a man to get to know a woman's soul through the poetry she reads."

"It's this need for intimacy and a kind of baring of the heart. Yes, I guess 'intimacy' is the most accurate word," is how Rēzija Kalniņa describes her idea for poetry evenings. The concert programme "A Moment After Dinner" is a dialogue with the audience in the form of music and poetry.

The moment after dinner is the twilight zone between day and evening. The moment between the hum of the day, the rush, the realm of peace and silence. A moment where we can meet ourselves in poetry and music. Where we can see our soul and hear our heart. A moment where the world speaks to us in silence. Poetry and music will come together in the programme "Moments after dinner", where the audience will discover a little more, more personally.

The programme will include poetry by Rudīte Losāne, Dace Zālīte-Micāne and Māra Zālīte, Kaspars' original compositions and songs, as well as arrangements for guitar by Latvian and foreign composers.

The concert will take place in a beautiful and cosy hall with a magnificent view of Krasta Street and the sunset over Daugava. A bar with drinks and snacks will be available before the event. There is free surface and underground parking at ATTA CENTRE, with electric car charging stations.