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Unleash the bass at Kindergarten Festival's "BASS WALL"

Prepare for an electrifying experience as Kindergarten Festival introduces "BASS WALL," a dynamic event set to shake up Gulbene, Latvia. Scheduled for August 19th, this festival promises a night of pulsating music, mesmerizing visuals, and an authentic RAVE atmosphere. The festival will kick off at 18:00 and carry on until the early morning hours of 7:00. Get your tickets here! 

The festival will occur within a sprawling indoor warehouse, of over 1000 square meters. The venue offers a perfect playground for music aficionados seeking an immersive sonic journey. The festival will feature a potent sound system with an impressive 24kW capacity, meticulously sourced from Lithuania. Complimentary earplugs will ensure that attendees experience heart-thumping bass while safeguarding their hearing.

Two stages will come alive with an eclectic lineup of artists, delivering a continuous flow of musical genres encompassing DNB, Dubstep, Techno, Trap, Hard Bass, Hardstyle, Bass House, Riddim, and more. The main stage will host performances by acclaimed names including HESKK, RAGGANAUT, TRETRIIX, RO55I, and others.

The second stage will pulsate with Hip Hop MC rhythms, spotlighting talents like MARKO, AMANITO, ADFB, KRI$, SAINTS, JEVRANS, and more.

Beyond the music, Kindergarten Festival offers a feast for the senses, with an array of food, drinks, and engaging activities. It's a chance to savour the essence of summer nights, bond with fellow music enthusiasts, and craft lasting memories.

Kindergarten, the festival's organizer said:  

We've meticulously designed an experience that breaks boundaries, enabling attendees to immerse themselves in the music and create indelible memories beneath the summer night sky.

Kindergarten Festival is an annual music event dedicated to uniting music enthusiasts and artists from diverse genres. With a focus on crafting immersive experiences, Kindergarten Festival seeks to redefine the boundaries of music events and provide a platform for emerging and established artists alike. The festival is renowned for its unique venues, cutting-edge sound systems, and diverse lineup, allowing attendees to connect, dance, and create lasting memories.