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Yaga Gathering 2021 - Opportunity To Experience The World Of Secret Societies

Every rustle of leaves creates a new spell, circles on the surface of the lake – a ritual, and every person visits this mysterious world for a reason. They are driven by a promise of secret meetings to solve the mysteries of the night. The participant decides whether the meeting will take place and how members of one’s tribe recognise each other – by gesture, image, certain blink of an eye or sound. This year, the door to this interactive metaphysical world will be opened by Yaga Gathering 2021 festival offering the opportunity to become part of a network of secret societies.

Yaga Gathering ritual will take place on 5–9 August, in Ežeraitis forest (Varėna District), at Spengla Lake and spring. Tickets are available online at

Everyone who purchases a ticket to the festival will receive instructions and get involved in the magical world of secret societies before the event. The participants will receive the first instructions by email. The only way to recognise your tribe is to follow the instructions carefully, use your willpower, connections and influence. 

But do not expect this to be easy, warn the festival organisers. The most powerful members of the societies accept only the most trustworthy followers willing to open thousands of doors of perception to unfamiliar spaces of music, art, experience and adventure. Each participant’s further unique experience of the event depends on the completion of the tasks.

Antonas, the organiser and initiator of the festival, explains that this year’s theme was dictated by the desire for even greater involvement of the visitors, conspiracy theories on highly powerful organisations changing the fate of the world and a marionette controlled by a puppeteer. 

The four-day sensory and experiential journey will open with a music program on the ValleyPinegroveDuskwood and LRT Opus pop-up stages; unleash inner creativity with inventive and creative workshops that will teach you how to build a sustainable house from only natural materials, make handmade candles and try making elegant Indian Mehendi artwork. Those wishing to take a step into the mind of another are welcome to visit the cinema space and if you are looking for new experiences, discover the Healing space where you can expand the limits of your body and thought.

Yaga Gathering is also open to children – a space designed specially for them and supervised by adults will offer the youngest visitors of the festival the opportunity to experience the development of the event in their own way, discover new talents, experiences and hear unforgettable stories.

One of the most important layers of Yaga Gathering – reflections of other worlds created in the middle of the forest by means of performances, decorations and light installations. As every year,      artists from different disciplines will make sure that every visitor enjoys an unforgettable experience and has a taste of what only comes true in dreams, the indescribable longing and unknown miracle of which linger for many nights as you try to return to the dream world.

The festival will take place at the location that is already loved by many, where the wonders of nature open up one after the other – Spengla Lake shimmers playfully during the day, while dense Ežeraitis forest shares its wonders during the night visited by the enlightened and the lost who gather here for secret rituals. The festival organisers attach great importance to the unconditional relationship with nature and the duty of each visitor to leave no trace.

To achieve this, deposit glasses will be used during the event, proper recycling will be ensured and the amount of non-recyclable waste will be reduced. Attempts will be made to reduce the amount of fuel consumed and the number of flights required to make the festival happen.


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