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33 artists have applied to open OneRepublic shows. Vote for your fave!

Applications for the OneRepublic opening act have been received - 33 artists in total mainly from Latvia and Estonia and a few from Lithuania are willing to warm-up the crowds at the Baltics shows. Musically diverse selection with some already big names and some less known, a chance to discover new bands!

Now it's your time to give your vote and decide, which top 3 musicians are going to be presented to OneRepublic along with the top picks from us, and concert organizers - L Tips Agency and Medusa concert. Voting will be held on Instagram stories in 4 rounds. Voting is very simple - choose your favourite from the presented pair, the one who gets more votes goes to the next round along with other winners. Here is how it will work:

1st round on Saturday, April 16, will feature all 33 artists divided in pairs, besides one voting, which will consist of 3 artists. Among all of them fans will choose 17 favourite ones by the count of votes. Pay attention, this will be a very special round - the artist who will get the most votes of all, will get a wild card and go straight to the Top 3 without any further voting.

2nd round on Sunday, April 17, will feature 16 artists, 8 of them goes to the next round.

3rd round will feature 8 artists, 4 of them goes to the next round.

4th round, the final one, will feature 4 artists and the 2 will join the wild card winner and together will form a TOP 3 fan picks.

For the first round voting will last for 24 hours, for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th one voting time might be shortened. If so, it will be announced before the voting begins. 

Explore all the applicants who want to make crowds go wild and warm-up the arenas before welcoming on stage OneRepublic.

Daniel Levi

Daniel Levi is an Estonian pop artist and songwriter. He is a household name in Estonia, regularly appearing on national TV and radios and gaining more and more attention internationally along with his dynamic band who are known for their very high energy and uplifting feel-good performances. Daniel created a huge buzz in the electronic pop scene by collaborating with a local EDM success Cartoon for the hit single “On & On”, which has racked up over 690 million plays on Spotify and YouTube all over the world. Today Daniel Levi has arrived at a timeless pop sound glowing with elements of soul, funk and R’n’B and was recently nominated as a pop artist of the year at Estonian Music Awards 2022.

Daniel Levi along with his high energy band has an amazing ability to engage the audience, open them up and get them dancing/cheering along - their feel-good energy immediately turns the vibe warm and positive. The band and their team love music, are very professional and easy to work with.


ANNNA is a Latvian born, independent producer and artist. Having a passion for topics such as sustainability, burnouts, and equality, her so-called 'sus-pop' a.k.a. 'sustainable pop' has developed into a deeper storyline with every new song she makes. Inspired by such artists as FINNEAS, Angèle and Troy Sivan, ANNNA blends her own northern heritage with the warm, sticky bass lines that she produces all on her own, in her home studio. ANNNA's prolific skill as a songwriter has brought her voice and unique writing talent to the worldwide dance audience. Since 2020 MDL (ANNNA) has had releases on world famous electronic music labels such as DEFECTED, Spinnin' and Don Diablo's Hexagon records. These collaborations have influenced her own sound which have created a strong electronic and dance floor focused performance.

You see, literally yesterday, before someone forwarded me a link about this opportunity, I was going for a run and listening to Ryan Tedder on one of the latest podcasts by And The Writer Is. Ryan’s songwriting and work culture is something that has been pushing me since the very first song I wrote. So, not only will we bring our happy, upbeat retro vibes in order to give the best possible warm-up to the public, but we’ll also bring the biggest of smiles and joy to the stage. 


Gram-Of-Fun (GOF) is a six-member group of friends sharing similar values in art as in life. Mixing together the sounds of their 80’s childhood memories and the more modern indie/funk sounds, the group has been one of the highlights of the music scene in the Baltics for the past couple of years. Known for their energetic and dynamic live shows, the band is set to release their first LP in the end of 2022. 

The band is composed of the top musicians in the region and surely will be a great energetic opening for OneRepublic - also an awesome career milestone for the band. The band is also technically very efficient and has an easy setup to put up and strike down. 


The band was formed in 2014 by Vaidotas Valiukevičius (vocals), Robertas Baranauskas (drums) and Mantas Banišauskas (guitar). THE ROOP works touch on social topics by invoking music, images and other mediums. The band became widely known after participating in the Lithuanian Eurovision National Selection in 2018 with the song “Yes, I Do”. The esthetic, stylish and emotional performance helped them to 3rd place in the competition. In 2020 Lithuanian choice for the Eurovision song contest – “On Fire” – gained huge numbers of fans worldwide. THE ROOP entered the National Eurovision Selection again in 2021 with “Discoteque“ and won the jury vote and televote by a landslide. THE ROOP "Discoteque" was one of the public favorites, qualified from Semi-Final, and finished #8 in the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam. The band has released 2 albums and 1 EP. The third album (with hit singles Discoteque and On Fire) is due in May.

We’ll warm the crowd with stylish and skillful show and when they’re just about to be On Fire and ready for Discoteque - ladies and gentlemen, please welcome OneRepublic!!!

The Coco’nuts

The Coco’nuts consists of six creative and vibrant personalities brought together by friendship and music.
The music created by the band varies with funk, indie, blues rock, and pop elements. Because of the creative mixture of these colorful genres, some may say it does not fit in any musical genre at all, and that's exactly what makes the band so unique. "The Coco’nuts" started their musical journey in 2012 and so far they have released two full albums and are preparing to show the world their new material in the autumn of 2022 . The band has played in many local and foreign festivals and events, but their real magic hides in live performances that are full of creative explosions, sophisticated improvisation, and jamming that makes each performance a different emotional experience than the others.

The band is at its best when performing live and our unique mix of styles will surprise and entertain the public at the highest level!

Púr Múdd

Púr Múdd’s sound stands out with its muddy bass drops and infectious melodies, whichelevates into something unique in their energetic performance, where live-instrumentsand vocals have a crucial role. Púr Múdd doesn’t like to limit themselves and that isproven by their diverse repertoire and unique way of combining different styles into theirmusic, while still containing their minimalistic sound. 

Púr Múdd LIVE shows are definitely really dope and full of energy. More than that, this opportunity would mean a lot for the band, a dream come true. 

DJ Jovani 

Jovani is a producer & DJ from Lithuania. Jovani plays mainstream pop/house/electronic music and has performed in US, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland and Spain. The artist has signed a contract with Warner Music, has won a national music award for the best electronic act of the year 2021. His recent single "Tokyo" has been introduced by BBC radio 1.

Chris Noah

Chris Noah is a Riga-based artist who gracefully combines indie elements with catchy pop. The arrangements, his authentic voice and gripping melodies have made him highly popular in his homeland. After playing some of the biggest festivals in Latvia (Positivus, Summer Sound, etc.), Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, Tallinn Music Week and landing support slots for artists like Tom Odell, LP and The Naked and Famous, Noah has proved himself as one of the most promising export acts of the region. Noah first gained international attention with self-released singles River and Fall Through - receiving praise from a variety of blogs and securing a deal with Sony/Made in Baltics. It took less than 6 months for Sony Finland to recognize his talents and take the artist under their guidance. In 2022 artist has recorded a brand new EP in collaboration with British producer Kristofer Harris, and the first single is planned to be released in the spring.

With a full band, we'd play the newest material (present the unreleased songs), including the single that is planned to be released on May 14th, plus the original songs that have been widely played on Latvian radios. We'd showcase quality and uniqueness in our live performance.


Steven is an independent solo artist from Estonia. This indie-synth pop artist's principle is to talk with crowd through song's lyrics and build a strong connection between the artist and the crowd. Steven Ilves is always bringing warmth, professionalism, good vibes and some warm summer breezes from Summer capital of Estonia Pärnu. Steven started writing songs when he was a little kid in  his little hometown Pärnu. As a teenager Steven realised that music is all he wanna do and thats the place where he is going to put all his energy in. In the starting years Steven took lots of inspiration from Indie artists (John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Onerepublic) but Steven is always looking new ways and sound to develop and now he's very keen on synth-pop sounds.

Steven Ilves is a young artist who is full of enthusiasm and will bring lots of freshness to the show. Band is always putting their all into every show, that the night will be unforgettable. 

Sudden Lights

Sudden Lights plays a combination of pop rock with slight alternative touches. Band’s music is characterized by catchy melodies perfect for dancing with a melancholic note or two along the way, and it all permeates with youthful energy. The band was formed in 2012 and has since released two albums – “Priekšpilsētas” (2017) and "Vislabāk Ir Tur, Kur Manis Nav"  (2019).  Their debut album received Best Debut nomination with the Latvian Music Recordings Awards 2018. In 2020, they released a collab "Haosā" with Astro'n'out. It was #1 hit in all Latvian radio stations for at least half of the year and received Latvian Grammy (“Zelta mikrofons”) as Radiohit of the Year. Sudden Lights is now working on their third studio album that will be released on May 13th, 2022.

One of the fastest growing bands on the Latvian music scene will warm up the audience in arenas with their catchy and dynamic melodies. The band has experience warming up stadiums at concerts by Latvia's biggest pop star "Brainstorm".


The LA-based Estonian DJ is an energetic live presence, often joining in with his vocalists and dancers on stage, joyously showing off his slick moves with complicated choreography. Rozell treats performing as his time to ‘work off the pressures of modern day life’,  and loves to uplift the crowd with his edm-infused productions. Rozell says, “Life is extraordinary and it’s everyone’s duty to dream big and move forward. Only then you will express yourself and live fully.” He is inspired by a wide range of musical heroes, from Marvin Gaye, to Netsky, and also cites the catalog of Avicii, saying, “He was incredible. His melodies are timeless.”

Rozell is an act that world has not seen before. Its uniqueness: a dancing DJ, crazy drummer & an amazing dancer. Crowd can sing along, they will be 110% ready for the main act, they will be entertained. We just did an UK tour with The Wanted. We have a magical trio. We are definitely one of the best acts in the world right now. 


Audiokvartāls consists of three musicians: Arnis Ozoliņš, Ivars Ozoliņš, Māris Skrodis. The band was founded in 2014. The group's songs are regularly played on Latvian radio stations. In 2020, the band released their debut album "Runa nav par naudu", it was nominated for the Latvian Music Record of the Year Award "Zelta mikrofons" in the category - Debut of the Year. In 2021, Audiokvartāls entered the finals of the popular television show "X Factor". In May Audiokvartāls will present their 2nd studio album "Viss (nav) tik slikti".


Band will add extra smiles and joy to the OneRepublic shows, because it is hard not to smile while looking to band members and listening their jokes, and of course energy who will unite all listeners and warm them up.

No More Fridays

No More Fridays, a rock band from Estonia, is more than just musicians making music. The desire and love for sounds that has never been created before is what makes this four piece creation memorable. You will find yourself wandering in the middle of the Woodstock festival by listening to their album and seeing them perform live makes you believe there are witches and fairies involved. And maybe you are right. Rock has never sounded so magical. "Who Needs Truth Anyway" is No More Fridays first album that they released on the 15th of November. It is full of emotions and thoughts of what was, what is and what will be. There is Truth in it for everyone, You just have to find yours as they did theirs:"If it gets any better, We will Fly".

We believe that our Woodstock-inspired psych-rock would go down a storm, and our stagecraft and ability to connect with a broad audience segment would doubtlessly provide a real highlight to the show. This is the opportunity we have been waiting for!

Sub Scriptum

Sub Scriptum is an alternative/indie rock band from Madona, Latvia that was formed in the summer of 2017. The band consist of four members Kristers Rudzītis (lead vocal, rhythm guitar), Alvis Kozuls (solo guitar), Maikls Drobins (bass), Armands Runcis (drums). The band released their debut album “ mode” in 2020 which was produced by Arnis Račinskis and Alexander Buriy. Sub Scriptum has a huge concert experience and have played in many different venues. The most notable concerts are festival Summer Sound, Great Amber concert hall, Liepaja and ‘’Sporto visa klase’’ an event held in Arena Riga. Sub Scriptum have been an opening act for Latvian bands ‘’Dzelzs Vilks’’ and ‘’Musiqq’’. The band is currently working on new music and has released their first single ‘’Jūku” from their second upcoming album that is due to release on autumn of 2022.

Sub Scriptum music is characterized by catchy melodies and rhythmic hooks. The band always brings youthful energy to their shows. They would be honored to have the opportunity to be the supporting act for One Republic Baltic shows.

Minimal Wind

Minimal Wind is a group of friends that make music and art. Their music ranges from soulful R&B and pop to indie rock. Minimal Wind is a place where all the members’ skills meet to put together beautiful forms of art and see where the wind takes them — be it the realm of emo jazz or indie trap. The bands single “What to Make of This” finished in 2nd place at the Eesti Laul 2022 competition and immediately shot up to #2 on the local Spotify Top 50 chart and has remained as one of the most popular songs to this day.

The band is varied in style and this opportunity would help them present their music to a very broad audience. They are an awesome opener for these shows and would set a great mood for the nights.


Energetic trio from Riga, capital of Latvia, who's been rocking since it was illegal. 4x studio and 1x unplugged live album, endless list of local and foreign live performances on big stages and at small venues. Band are always ready to be a part of something big with a huge sense of responsibility!

Indygo every and each gig are hand in hand with giant energy, a positive mood and a well spent time! 


B OPTIMIST are a Latvian rock trio band playing energetic and emotional rock music in Latvian since 2013. They have released 4 studio albums, made several music videos, and performed at music festivals, clubs and events in all three Baltic countries.

Our band will make people smile as well as lift the spirit with our music and energy.

Sounds of September

Sounds of September is an alternative rock band from Tallinn, Estonia. Band was formed in 2013. They offer you a decent charge of energy whether live at concert or in your headphones. Powerful female vocal, thought-through instrumental parts, excellent use of different sounds, energy and soul, all put in music together, give the group it’s own face making them differentiate from the rest. Members: Mari-Liis Aljas (vocals), Alan Urva (guitars, production), Rauno-Marko Murakas (bass), Ian Mikael Kirss (drums).

We will load the audience full of the energy with best quality. We will show you ROCK!

Fools on Parade

Fools on Parade, a band based in a small town of Ropaži in Latvia. Band formed in 2016 and since then they have released a debut album "Hometown Stories". EP coming out this summer. Fools on Parade have played in couple of festivals like "Summer Sound" and "Playground Festival" and a lot of smaller gigs.


Fools on Parade 😎 #alternativerock #hardrock #standwithukraine 🇱🇻🇺🇦 WeStandWithUkraine 💙🕊️💛

Posted by THP Production on Saturday, March 19, 2022

By being able to perform in three languages, we are capable of unifying the audience.
We will keep the show's energy at 11 from start to finish leaving the audience with their feet on fire!

Guys On the Red Carpet

Young and aspiring indie pop/rock band from small town Gulbene located in Latvia. We seek for opportunities to show our unlimited love and passion for music and live performances. 2 years ago we released our first EP "Let's Be Real" and now we are working on our debut album. We may seem small but we dream big. This show would be a great chance for us to evolve as artists and show what we are capable of.

So far our music has been quite diverse as in we can offer different colours for the show. We'll be ready to perform and warm up the audience good enough so they are ready to hear One Republic fully. 


Echolove is a musical ensemble with roots from Pärnu that cultivates rock music with a psychedelic undertone with British connotations. The band also released their debut album “The Outbreak” last year and recordings for a new album are underway. In Estonia, Echolove's music has been played a lot on Radio 2. So far, Echolove has given concerts in Estonia such as Tallinn Music Week, etc.

US rock and British rock - the perfect musical combo for one night.

Purple Negative

Purple Negative is a female-fronted indie / alternative rock band from Riga, which with its atmospheric sounds, punk music influences and rock music energy, captivates and moves even the quietest listeners in concerts. Last september the band released their EP “Happy”. Unlike the first mini-album “Soap” presented at the end of 2018, which was made in the bedroom of guitarist Roberts Gromovs, “Happy” was recorded in Ģirts Laumanis’ studio “Hodila Records” in Valmiera, thus marking progressive changes in the sound of songs. Until now the noisy and energetic punk sound is complemented by atmospheric and melancholic melodies.

We will gladly bring our powerful energy to the stage to set the crowd in motion and get them excited and ready to listen to OneRepublic and dance all night!


JAUDA (Force, Power: in Latvian) is a pop-rock, rock music band founded in 2016 in Latvia (Livani). Combining bass, drums, electric guitar, vocal sounds and electronics, the band creates a unique, live sound in their recordings and concerts. In May 2018, the group's first album "Durvis atvērtas" (Door Open) was released in Latvian. In March 2021 JAUDA released second studio album "Underwater" fully in english, which includes 11 songs. At the moment the band is working on a new album in English and some singles in Latvian. JAUDA - it's not a story about pink glasses, it's a realism of life with gray days, beautiful moments and real emotions that are served on a musical tray. JAUDA is a force that is inside each of us - we just have to figure out how to use it.

How are we different from others? - We play live music, along with electronic elements, trying to create a unique sound. We have rich performance experience in many events, during which we have developed punctuality, trust, as well as a professional approach to things, so we can warm up the public with unique performances on stage.

Ziggy Wild

Ziggy Wild is an Estonian rock band that is extremely captivating while delivering an old school rock’n’roll sound. The band has four members who are best described as creative, diverse and bold individuals with unlimited amount of ‘out of this world’ energy. The music they produce can be described the same way. A raspy female lead vocal is in a perfect combination with a masculine energetic sound. Throughout the years, Ziggy Wild has won numerous band competitions. One of the awards received was the opportunity to be the opening act for Carlos Santana in 2015. Moreover, Ziggy Wild has opened for bands such as Operation: Mindcrime (USA), Status Quo, Ruslana and also performed in different festivals in Norway, Finland, Poland and Netherlands. In 2020 Ziggy Wild participated in the Eesti Laul Semi-Final with their single called ''Lean on Me’'.

Ziggy Wild is a unique rock band with enormous live energy. We will warm up the crowd with our performance and give them an unforgettable show.

Dani Ryan

Dani Ryan is a synth-rock band from Riga, Latvia. Started as a solo project by Daniils Ravinskis (Vocals, Guitar, Synth) in 2018. Debut album "Open" - written and recored by Daniils was released in October 2019, as well as music video for single "Exciter". Jānis Zariņs (Drums) and Ņikita Andrejevs (Bass) joined shortly after album release. The second album "PARTY!" was released in 2020, supported by 3 new music videos, both album and videos were warmly received by local media and listeners. The single “RADIO ANNA” charted for 6 weeks and was ranked Nr. 3 by RADIO NABA’s Latvian TOP10 and Nr. 66 of 2020 TOP100 songs by Latvian music bands. During pandemic Dani Ryan released "Performance" live video and audio, capturing what was meant to be "Party!" tour show containing visuals and re-arranged songs. Band is set to record and release a third album in 2022.

Usually people dance at our shows. There were comments that we have strong energy on stage. We are here to get everyone warmed up, dancing and smiling.

Alabama Watchdog

Alabama Watchdog is an experimental riff-rock band, based in Tallinn, Estonia. Their music is driven by grungy riffs mixed with modern beats and sounds from electronic music. The trio bring an unusal setting to the stage, where the guitary wall of sound is created only by bass and keyboards.

What we'd add to the show: A proper raw warm-up for the audience like there's no tomorrow.

Around the Sun

Around the Sun - Estonian indie band, which has been active since the beginning of 2016 and has gained popularity while playing on streets and participating in "Eesti Laul 2019".  Around the Sun collaborates with different vocalists and do joint songs, concerts and projects. The music of the band differs primarily in its special atmosphere and warmth, but also evokes emotions in people due to the energy of the musicians in live performances.

Estonian crowds are a bit shy but fortunately Around the Sun have cracked the secret to Estonian endorphins! Our ingredients are incredible head movements and catchy music to get your blood pumpin', One sun and One republic!

Blue Jean Serenade

The Latvian indie pop five-piece “Blue Jean Serenade” come together to reminisce about their high-school years, friendships and relationships through the prism of uplifting positivism in their music. Siblings, old friends, new friends, school friends – these are all the links that tie the band together and tangle the listener into their artistic world as well.
After releasing the first EP in English back in 2016, the band switched to writing in their native tongue. Apart from working on their album, they spent their time together playing concerts all around the country and attended the Reeperbahn Festival 2018 in Hamburg. In March 2020, just before the pandemic hit, Blue Jean Serenade gathered friends and fans to celebrate the release of their debut album "Prieks, no kura neizaug. Laiks, kuru neaizmirst." (Latvian for Happiness that can’t be outgrown. Time that can’t be forgotten.) Currently, the band is working on a new album after having released multiple independent singles.

With a combination of uplifting pop-rock songs and audience involving front man, Blue Jean Serenade offers to warm-up the concerts so One Republic can star their entertainment with a thousands of people who are fully prepared to have a great singalong and dance evening.


Pološywa is and Estonian musician living in Estonia and Austria. After dedicating almost 20 years of her life to classical piano, the musician started to dig deep into the world of synths and melancholic electro-pop. In 2021 Pološywa released her electronic debut album "Existence". It is an emotional journey that shares honest experiences, thoughts, moods and feelings on a personal level. Starting from 2022 artist also performs together with her freshly founded band.

Pološywa will bring you on a melancholic musical journey with a touch of local female-produced electronic pop.

Ingmar Kiviloo

Ingmar Kiviloo is a singer, songwriter and producer + instrumentalist from Estonia. He is a solo artist, but have many different collectives that he has been performing and making music with. Ingmar has been involved deeply with music his whole life. "Most of my life, I have spent learning and performing classical music, mainly violin, which I have won many international and domestic competitions with and also piano and organ. But my soul lies in pop and rock music, I love playing the drums, guitar and have been learning to sing for two years now. I have written and produced my own songs for some time now and that is what I truly want to devote my life to. Half a year ago, I took part in a popular TV show "Estonian Idol" and placed 6th among 800 contestants. This really helped me get my career going in Estonia as I was firstly invited to a Christmas tour across the country with three other very well known male artists from Estonia: Koit Toome, Uku Suviste and Jaagup Tuisk."

Watch the live performance here

My band and I will be adding uniqueness to the show by being so young and bold. I truly have set my goals very high for the future and being an opening act for one of the greatest modern time bands would be a big honor, me and my band will not dissapoint any soul in the audience.

Jelly Rue

Jelly Rue is an indie pop-rock band from Tartu. To best describe their music, Jelly Rue is all about experimenting and mixing together different styles, sounds and effects. Since all of the band members have rather different musical taste and background has helped them to create a sound and a style that is interesting, exciting and fresh. At times they sound more pop, at times more rock, sometimes funky or even country. But above all, their music is loaded with energy and addictive melodies that most likely will haunt you for days. Their music is simple, catchy and offers a lot of surprises.

What do we gave to offer: A captivating story in music that will leave no listener cold.

Rainer Ild

Rainer Ild is an anti-pop artist located in Tallinn, Estonia. On stage you can find the artist hanging from the ceiling, totally blinded under big cloth, changing between instruments or jumping down some speakers in a hazmat suit. From their repertoire you can find some pop, some alternative, some alternative-rock or music that shocks you. 

We come with our team and we will open the show for you - like you asked. We insert that youthful spark into the event.


DCH is from Northern Europe, more precisely Latvia. Formed in Riga at the end of 2014. Its members have recorded multiple albums in previous projects, toured the Baltic States, Scandinavia, the Russian Federation, Europe, the Balkan countries and even the United Arab Emirates. The band released an EP in 2016. Album was recorded in two languages - Latvian and English, so there would be possibilities to tour out of Latvia as well. In 2020 the band released their first Video Album in Latvia called “Mēness” - “Moon” which was nominated in the first round in Latvian Music of the Year Award for the best rock album. At the moment the band is working on a second LP album which also will be released as a VIDEO album. 

The genre represented by DCH can be defined as world music through the prism of rock, so we are confident that our energetic performance will be the best solution not only as a great support band but also as a great solution from genre aspect. Also, we are approximately in the middle range of popularity between known bands, so this would be a dream come true for us and also we won't steal the spotlight from the Headliners. Although we are very ready to play our best show ever so nobody won't be disappointed. 

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