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DIONA releases her first single in English "Love You More"

Singer DIONA unveils her latest song "Love You More," accompanied by a heartfelt confession of love, shedding light on the depths of her subconscious and the intensity of her energy. The single, enriched with a captivating storyline, is complemented by an evocative music video. With "Love You More", DIONA delves into the intricacies of relationships, where affection is often unequal.

She reflects:

Each of us is capable of giving love according to our energy and character. It's impossible to measure love with the same yardstick for everyone. However, communication is key. When we find ourselves contemplating the investment we make in a relationship, yearning for more from our partner, or feeling inadequate in our giving, it's crucial to pause and engage in open dialogue with our loved one. Trust and emotional transparency are paramount.

Drawing from her vibrant energy and life experiences, DIONA shared that she has been blessed with an abundance of energy, which can sometimes seem overwhelming to those around her. Similarly, in relationships, she offers a great deal of love and seeks reciprocity. Through her music, she channels these emotions creatively, providing listeners with a glimpse into her subconscious and relational dynamics. She believes that, like in her life, every relationship experiences moments where both partners can express: 'Love you more.'"

The accompanying music video, produced by "371 Production" under the guidance of producer Bruno Rejs Corns, depicts a relationship marred by unspoken tensions and concealed truths, symbolizing the weight of unresolved issues. "Love You More" encapsulates DIONA's journey and serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of communication and emotional honesty in nurturing meaningful connections.


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