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Latvian DJ [Ex] da Bass teams up with Spanish DJ Sak Noel

In the bustling landscape of the music industry, collaborations often serve as the catalyst for creative innovation and global recognition. On February 9, the Los Angeles-based record label "Barnaton" unveiled a remarkable musical fusion with the release of "Miami Freestyle," a dynamic collaboration between esteemed Spanish DJ Sak Noel, internationally renowned Latvian DJ [Ex] da Bass, and the talented Dominican singer Rubi Rox, hailing from Miami, Florida.

[Ex] da Bass, reflecting on the journey that led to the creation of "Miami Freestyle”, declares:

"This is the great success story of my 27-year DJ career,"

Latvian DJ has long followed Spanish DJ, producer, and songwriter Sak Noel, who has lived in the United States and collaborated with Sean Paul, Pitbull, Major Lazer and Lil Jon. For a wider audience, his name is associated with the legendary club hit “Loca People”, which topped the UK singles charts and eventually propelled him into the global spotlight.

For [Ex] da Bass, this project began with a spark of inspiration ignited by a short video shared by Sak Noel himself at the end of 2023, suggesting his followers make their own version of the collaboration between him and Rubi Rox. In this video, Rubi Rox showcased her lyrical prowess, rapping in two languages simultaneously. Captivated by both the melody and the lyrics, [Ex] da Bass embarked on his rendition of the collaboration, driven by pure creative impulse. In about two weeks the [Ex] da Bass version was ready, and he sent it to both the singer, who responded in a flash, and to Sak Noel himself for review. [Ex] da Bass explains:

“And then the thing I least expected happened: both artists were extremely excited about what they heard, and we began officially discussing the release of my remix with a few additions from Sak Noel – as the main version of a maxi-single, with an extended mix for DJ needs as well as Rubi Rox's freestyle, which started it all. This version then became the Alternative Mix.”

The excitement surrounding "Miami Freestyle" extended beyond the studio, as plans for live performances emerged. The  collaboration will come to life on stage, with [Ex] da Bass joining Sak Noel as the support act in the Baltics for a series of performances:

February 14, Marijampolė, Lithuania

February 15, Kedainai, Lithuania

February 16, Jurbarkas, Lithuania

+ a special performance on February 17, at Club “Maxine”, in Helsinki, Finland.

Furthermore, it is possible that the song will be accompanied by a video. With the possibility of a music video alluringly close, the excitement surrounding this dynamic collaboration knows no bounds, and one thing is clear: the magic of "Miami Freestyle" is only getting started.