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MNTHA reveals their real self in a new song - meet the non-binary Marss The Person

"Marss The Person or Meta Mickeviča (they/xe/he) is MNTHA's new improved version. I am a non-binary person and this new stage name attains the real me - the essence of who I am."

The new song "Perfect" was submitted to the LTV Supernova Eurovision selection but unfortunately was not selected. The song is about self-love, about daring to be true to what you are. Marss The Person shares that this song was created because they are finally on the path of self-acceptance and want to inspire others to dare to be themselves - no matter how "weird" you are.

The single's visuals were created with AI, by entering the lyrics and author and adjusting other settings.

"It perfectly captures the essence of the song - chaos in your head and everyone can see what they want there. Some will find it disgusting - some beautiful, but we all have to accept our imperfections - because we are all Perfect - just the way we are," believes Meta Mickeviča. "During the creation of all my compositions, I am also developing the visualization in my head and the music video is planned to be filmed in the summer in Berlin."

The song was released on 22 May, the day of the unnamed names in Latvian calendar - the day when Marss celebrates their name day for the first time. The song is available to listen to on all streaming services.

Marss The Person (they/xe/he) (prev. MNTHA) is Meta Mickeviča's Electro-Pop solo project from Riga, Latvia. They explore the possibilities and combinations of sound through experimentation with voice and computer. They compose, perform and produce everything by themselves.

The beginnings of Marss are found in the summer of 2014. In early 2015, they were part of the national selection for Supernova's competition for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2017 they also took part in the national selection with the band Crime Sea. In 2017 they released their debut EP "Identity", on cassette and digitally.

Marss also is a DJ (QWERTY MARSS on Soundcloud) and a drag artist QWERTY, and in everyday life a multimedia artist.