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OOPUS drops album Folk On Acid - from bagpipes to psychedelic dance beats

Bagpipes, acid synths, runosongs, and psychedelic 120-150bpm dance beats - the second studio album for OOPUS "Folk On Acid" is probably something you've never heard before. The new album is accompanied by a mesmerising music video for their new track, Saunamees (Sauna Man).

OOPUS's musicians spent the covid winters jamming with visuals and music over live-streaming on YouTube; this unorthodox creative process led to many of their new songs on the album. There are altogether nine tracks on the album, mostly inspired by both Finno-Ugric belief systems, and local Estonian folk music, bringing these together with the help of modern technology. After two years worth of creative process the group is delivering their music digitally, on CD, and for the first time also on vinyl and cassette.

"We've been working in our custom built studio for two years now, which is where we recorded the new album. Last summer and autumn was spent mixing and finalising everything. Our good friend and talented sound engineer José Diogo Neves mastered the album. Our initial ambitious plan was to release the whole album last year, but we realised that all good things come to those who wait. Mostly because we really wanted to perform our new tunes, but the covid restrictions threw a spanner in that plan. Thanks to our crowdfunders and Cultural Endowment of Estonia’s support we're here to share this dream of physically releasing new music. We're genuinely delighted and happy to present new Estonian folktronica to all of you" said Johannes Ahun, OOPUS’s member.

Enticing visuals serve an important role in OOPUS's music and that explains releasing a new music video for the track Saunames (Sauna Man) together with the album. Authors for the video are Aleksander Sprohgis and dancer Raho Aadla. The latter depicts an ancient hero called Mürsk who enters a sauna topping 500 degree Celsius heat, and uses a red hot iron bar instead of traditional sauna birch whisk.

Mari Meentalo, OOPUS’s musician and co-creator of the album's design, says that she enjoyed the challenge of incorporating Aleksander Sprohgis's work into the new album. "Aleksander is the wizard behind the group's lights and visuals," Mari explained. "It's fairly easy to record and share sounds for streaming, but to shed a spotlight on the visual artist was a challenge. We ended up basing the whole album design on Aleksander's light installations and technical drawings. Plus the CD booklet features incredible shots from our photographer Kerttu Kuusla. Every format has its own perks, and I really enjoyed seeing how well all those different elements from music to design mashed together."

OOPUS is an audiovisual folktronica group based in Tallinn, Estonia with a passion for folk and electronic music and light installations. The four members of the band combine runosongs, Estonian bagpipes and analog synths and make their live movement triggered visuals pulsate as one with music. OOPUS consists of musicians Mari and Johannes, VJ and light artist Aleksander, and dancer Raho.