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Sub Scriptum new single and charity tour

Latvian band Sub Scriptum releases their single "Troksnis" (eng. - “The noise”). It is the first ballad by the band. The music video was created by Janis Skapars. The main characters in the video are portrayed by Jānis Lazdiņš and Baiba Prokofieva.

Kristers, the band’s lead vocalist, comments:

There's a crowd all around and sometimes it's easy to lose yourself. When you find your own peace, the noise can be beautiful too! From the perspective of music, the song is like a tale of two lovers, their birds, and their noises. I'ts bout loud decisions and quiet endings.

The idea of the music video came about quite spontaneously within hours but has turned out magical. As the author of the idea Janis Skapars commented:

When we look too deeply in the windows of others, we tend to lose ourselves. Maybe it's easier for a modern person to flee their reality for another.

The year has been filled with concerts, but during this time of the year, the band wants to delight children and young people who unfortunately have lived through unimaginable heartaches. Sub Scriptum will give children a concert and initiate dialogue so that  'Troksnis' can bring some peace and joy during the Christmas season.

"Musician and influencer Diona Liepina will also join on the charity Tour 2022 because only together can we spread the good! You'll be able to keep track of concerts on the social networks of both Sub Scriptum and Diona Liepiņa," comments Sub Scriptum. 

Charity Tour stop points:

December 2, Childhood Oaks

December 3,  Foundation Gracie children's village

December 9, Liepaja children's House

December 10, Valmiera SOS children's village

December 12, Boarding primary school "Resin"

December 16, State social care centre ''Meadows"

The Sub Scriptum group was founded in 2017. They have paid attention to important topics in their music. The 2022 single "Siltumnīcā" which talks about the "perfect man" phenomenon, has now conquered Latvian Radio's top.

The debut album "21st-century fashion" tells the story of the modern, but not always understandable lifestyle of people. The band's soloist Kristers Rudzitis is also known as the young poet with success in Latvian-wide competitions and poetry and prose publications, which gives Sub Scriptum music a special taste.

Listen to "21st-century fashion" here: