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Viktors Buntovskis releases debut single "Mēness"

Viktors Buntovskis who took second place in the popular contest The X Factor continues to delight his followers and releases his first song and music video "Mēness" (eng. - "Moon"). 

The song tells about a painful breakup and an experience you must go through, but you also have to be able to let go and move on.

As the artist himself says:

This song is a thank you to all my supporters, both during and after The X Factor, because I have received countless motivational messages that tell me not to stop after the show, but to create music myself and continue to work in the field of music. This is my first song out of several that will be released this year, so follow my activities on social networks and, very soon, I hope to please you with a nice collaborative song. 

The music video also features model Hanna Cuprijanoviča and the video was shot by cameraman Harijs Blāze. The director of the music video is the well-known rapper/multi-artist Reiks, who has started working with Viktors relatively recently and says the following:

I noticed Viktors in The X Factor and already then I realized that this guy has great potential and I would love to help him develop it. After some time, seeing that Viktors has not released a single song, I decided to write to him and offer cooperation. That's how we met and, on the first meeting, we wrote this song. As I have experience in songwriting, production and music videos, I know I can give advice to Viktors and help develop his talent. I am happy to see him listen, develop and follow his dreams. I think this is just the beginning. 

Take a look at Viktors Buntovskis performance at The X factor.