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American rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars live in Baltics

Thirty Seconds to Mars

One of the most significant rock bands of the 21st century, Thirty Seconds to Mars, will delight countless fans of their music with concerts at the Arena Riga and the Kaunas Žalgiris Arena as part of their world tour.

03.10. Latvia, Riga, Arena Riga

04.10. Lithuania, Kaunas, Zalgirio Arena

The American rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars is one of the most explosive and successful concert acts of modern times, captivating every audience member with their musical performances, just as their name suggests, swiftly transporting them to a distant planet with the help of imagination, a planet people have long dreamt of reaching while lazily munching on Mars chocolate bars. Thirty Seconds To Mars was formed in Los Angeles in 1998 by two brothers - Jared Leto (lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) and Shannon Leto (drums, percussion), who had been making music together since childhood, so mutual understanding was practically in their blood or perhaps in their DNA.

Shannon Leto, inspired by his mother's hippie lifestyle, began rhythmically pounding on pots and pans, naturally developing his talent for playing percussive instruments, while Jared's first musical instrument was a set of broken keyboards. For their first album, the two brothers, who were already familiar with various artistic expressions, enlisted the help of two heavyweights in the recording industry - Canadian Bob Ezrin, whose list of collaborators includes several "immortal" rock classics such as Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, and American Brian Virtue, who has worked with significant rock bands of later periods like Jane's Addiction, Audioslave, Deftones. Their debut album, released in 2002, "30 Seconds To Mars," which faced struggles with its release, earned high praise from critics. In subsequent years, the band has performed countless sold-out concerts worldwide and played as headliners in front of tens of thousands of fans at many festivals. They have released six successful records, with the latest, "It's the End of the World but It's a Beautiful Day," being released in the autumn of 2023. 

Initially, the band did not want to advertise that their leader was already a well-known Hollywood actor, preferring to let their music speak first rather than news of the leader's previous accomplishments. However, this fact, of course, did not remain hidden for long. Jared Leto, who studied art and directing in his youth, also directed several music videos for his band but did not "sign" them with his name. There are plenty of singing actors, and appearances of famous musicians in films are quite common, but Jared Leto is equally successful in both his acting and musical careers. For his diverse film roles, Jared has been nominated for significant awards more than a hundred times and has won them 43 times. However, the role of the lead singer of a rock band could be considered the most important role of his life, one he doesn't easily let go of, unlike the others, which have a limited lifespan until the next film. Due to his roles in films, Jared has been ready for almost anything, including undergoing physical transformations from extreme weight loss for a role as a drug addict to immersing himself in the persona of Mark David Chapman, the murderer of John Lennon, throwing himself into almost everything he does, both physically and mentally.

The band has always emphasized that Thirty Seconds To Mars is not just the famous singer, actor, and songwriter Jared Leto with his accompanying band, as the vocalist is no less important in the band than his older brother - drummer Shannon Leto. Both are the only members who have remained unchanged in the group for three decades because the others change periodically. Any cohesive and harmonious musical ensemble operates as a single organism or a well-oiled mechanism, but most people usually notice who is in the foreground, unintentionally forgetting or not realizing that all of it is driven by some unseen force from the outside. For Thirty Seconds To Mars, the engine or the heart that pumps its energy is undoubtedly the drummer Shannon, and Jared takes on the role of the facade. Shannon's musical interests from the very beginning were not limited to just mastering drumming techniques but encompassed the overall sound of music and the emotions it evokes - he was inspired by progressive rock and blues classics, as well as jazz music and early heavy metal bands, resulting in Thirty Seconds To Mars being recognized as one of the most significant bands of the first decade of the 21st century by the heavy music magazine "Kerrang!", which is an important milestone in their biography, in addition to the awards received from globally significant music media such as "MTV" and the British magazine NME ("New Musical Express"). By 2014 - a time when recognition in music was judged not by the frequency of streaming but by the number of physical albums sold, Thirty Seconds To Mars had sold over 15 million copies of their albums worldwide.