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Summer Sound 2024 - discover who to see

The annual Summer Sound festival in Liepaja, Latvia is coming closer, ready to gather music lovers from near and far on the scenic beach of Liepaja from August 2-3, 2024 to experience an unforgettable celebration of music, sand, and sea. Get your ticket here.

This year’s lineup offers a diverse array of artists and bands ready to ignite the stage and captivate the audience. Let’s have a look at some gems whose performances we highly recommend. 

Global Beats and Electric Energy

Get ready to dance under the stars with the electronic house beats of Robin Schulz. With his chart-topping hits and energy, Schulz's performance will undoubtedly be one of the festival’s highlights.

Another global name Summer Sound offers this year is the dynamic French duo Ofenbach, whose playful and upbeat electronic music will keep you moving late into the night.

Finlands’s sensation Käärijä will bring his charisma, style, and powerful performance to the Summer Sound stage, setting it on fire for sure.

Bazzookas from the Netherlands will ignite the crowd with their lively rhythms, spirited vocals, high-octane beats, and infectious energy, ensuring an epic party atmosphere.

Local Legends

Latvia’s well-known hip-hop band Singapūras Satīns will energize the festival with their vibrant stage presence and superhits.

Another must-see local act is Astro'n'out, whose melodic tunes and heartfelt lyrics have made them a mainstay in the Latvian music scene.

Prepare to be wowed by one of Latvia’s most beloved bands, Sudden Lights. Their energy and catchy tracks are guaranteed to captivate not only your ears but also your heart.

Rhyme and Rhythm

Banda Banda, Viņa, and Olas will each add their unique blend of lyrical prowess, rhythmic beats, and energetic flows to the festival's lineup, charming the audience and creating an electric atmosphere with their dynamic stage presence.

Jazz, Rock, Indie, and Everything In Between

For those who appreciate a blend of jazz and contemporary music, Very Cool People is a must-see. Their innovative approach to jazz fusion is both refreshing and exhilarating.

Rīgas Modes combines infectious pop sensibilities with a touch of indie charm, delivering catchy rhythms and memorable melodies that resonate with audiences of all ages.

With their emotive lyrics and powerful vocal delivery, Kautkaili music weaves storytelling into their energetic performances, ensuring a captivating experience for music lovers seeking depth and something beyond the ordinary.

Rock and indie enthusiasts will find plenty to love with Satellites LVLaika Suns, and Miks Galvanovskis, all delivering high-energy sets that are guaranteed to rock the beach.

Ska, Funk, and Feel-Good Vibes

Add a splash of ska to your festival experience with Oranžās Brīvdienas, whose upbeat tunes and infectious rhythms will have you dancing non-stop. The feel-good vibes will also be delivered by Citi Zēni, whose fun and engaging performances make them one of the crowd favorites.

In addition to all the mentioned artists, Summer Sound 2024 promises a lineup filled with many more great acts, set against the perfect backdrop of Liepaja’s beautiful beach. Beyond the music, festival-goers can enjoy breathtaking sunsets, refreshing swims in the Baltic Sea, and a variety of food and drink options that highlight local flavors. Whether you’re lounging on the sand or dancing by the stage, the atmosphere is sure to be magical, with a blend of music, community, and seaside relaxation. So, grab your tickets, pack your sunscreen, and get ready to create unforgettable memories at the festival! See you in Liepaja!


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