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Charismatic Devendra Banhart to perform in Baltics this summer

Musician Devendra Banhart

The well-known, vibrant American-Venezuelan artist Devendra Banhart will perform in Latvia and Lithuania this summer. His tour bus will stop in Riga and Vilnius to present his new album "Flying Wig."

31.07.2024. Latvia, Riga, Hanzas Perons

01.08.2024. Lithuania, Vilnius, Lukiskes Prison 2.0

Devendra Banhart has everything it takes to make music critics bow before him: a great voice, a look fit for a fashion icon, a colorful biography that could easily be compiled into a book, astonishing musical diversity, great charisma, a good sense of humor, many acquaintances, and, of course, a unique worldview and sound. Devendra Banhart is one of the most notable names in his genre in today's music industry—a musician with outstanding talent and appearance.

Devendra, who had a romance with the famous Hollywood actress Natalie Portman, has his own set of trump cards, which include a superb voice, catchy melodies, disarming sincerity, authenticity, aesthetics, and other qualities of a brilliant performer. Fans of the artist, whether in his home in America, the UK, or Australia, would agree that he needs nothing else. This concert tour is a beautiful retrospective of Devendra Banhart's creative journey. He enjoys his music, just as much as his listeners.

Devendra's latest album is admirable. Inspired by the "Grateful Dead" and Kobayashi Issa's haiku, this ten-track release was recorded in a studio located in Topanga Canyon, once owned by Neil Young himself. Dosing the enjoyment of Devendra's work is a challenge—his "Flying Wig," released last September, is too good not to replay it again and again after listening. It's like therapy that doesn't fit into any traditional musical canon. It's the kind of album you want to return to over and over again as if you only got it last week. Devendra is charming in his own way, just as the world has known and loved him.

Born in Texas and raised in Venezuela, Devendra Banhart has tamed California and currently spends his days in Los Angeles. Devendra has been in constant motion for over 20 years, continuously exploring new platforms for his ideas, while refusing and yet returning to alternative music and folk. Instead of blindly copying others, he has made a significant contribution to his chosen musical genre. Devendra has the aura of an alternative music creator that draws people to listen to him.

Devendra Banhart's music is for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find joy in the simple things. It's worth getting to know this artist and seeing him perform live. We believe this will be one of the most gorgeous summer concerts in the Baltics. Devendra Banhart and his accompanying musicians will amaze, engage, and provide you with a truly aesthetic experience of music. Come and enjoy!


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