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Act now! - here is how you can help and support Ukraine

Ukraine needs support and you can help! We’ve listed possibilities on how you can help locally from your country – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, or directly to Ukraine. Donations, volunteer work, support to war refugees and speaking up – every action counts!

IMPORTANT! If you want to help, please, do it through organizations listed below, who will coordinate people in the best way possible for the most efficient result. Be careful, check the sources as more new fundraisers are opening and donate to verified organizations.


Support to the Ukrainian Army: Save Life, Army SOS, National Bank of UA, Phoenix Wings, Vostok SOS

Medical aid and humanitarian relief for front lines: United Help UA, Hospitallers, Revived soldiers Ukraine

Other organizations: Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine , Razom Emergency Response, Support Hospitals in UA, Ukrainian Red Cross, Voices of Children, Sunflower of Peace

The Kyiv Independent – Ukrainian English-language media



Charity organization

Charity organization SOS palīdzība Ukrainai’’ - supplying relief supplies to the Ukrainian army and volunteer battalions on the front lines since 2014. On the Society's Facebook page, you can find bank account information as well as contact information for the Society's representatives to inquire about alternative aid opportunities.


The “Gribu palīdzēt bēgļiem” (eng. I Want to Help Refugees) movement is currently helping in the coordination of support and assistance for people from Ukraine who may travel to Latvia, along with other non-governmental organizations and active Latvian citizens.

Offer your help by filling out the forms: For any kind of help ; For drivers interested in driving to the Poland-Ukraine border

For enterprises:

A survey of Ukraine's support options for enterprises willing to donate goods or take in refugees for free. Although it is unclear whether all of the items on this list will be required, the survey's goal is to explore choices.

LIAA is conducting a survey on open vacancies to determine whether Latvian entrepreneurs are willing to hire Ukrainian refugees. There is no indication on whether jobs will be required at this time, but the poll tries to discover potential opportunities.

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia urges enterprises to contact if they are willing to give first-aid medical supplies, long-term food, or other help to Ukraine's Armed Forces.

Other help:

The non-governmental sector has developed a website to provide united help to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.



Blue / Yellow - NGO which supports Ukraine, its Armed Forces and the civil population in Donbass area since 2014.

"Our Hearts and Hands - for Ukraine!" - The Lithuanian Red Cross, the Maltese, Caritas, the Food Bank and Save the Children are raising funds for Ukrainians fleeing the war in Ukraine. The funds raised will be used for humanitarian aid, first psychosocial care and first aid.

SOS Children‘s Villages – help for children and families escaping war


Register as a volunteer at The Order of Malta Relief Organization if you can provide any kind of help.

If you have a vacant flat, house or a room - fill out the form on Social Volunteer Coordination Center website and offer it to those who are running from the horror of war.

Help to prepare food packages for Ukrainians coming to Lithuania at Food Bank.

If you want to join the Caritas volunteer team - provide direct and indirect assistance to Ukrainians: registering people, sorting and distributing humanitarian packages, organising employment activities, then fill out the form.

Save the Children – humanitarian aid organization for children in Lithuania. Contact:



Estonian Refugee Council - providing humanitarian assistance inside Ukraine, organizing evacuation of Ukrainians, supporting Ukrainian refugees in Estonia.

Mondo – NGO which since 2014 has providing food and medical assistance to internally displaced persons and residents of Ukraine, supported the work of psychologists and launched a human rights education program for schools. The funds raised will be used for any necessary help.

The Ukrainian Cultural Center - collects donations for people living close to the front line.

On Ukraina Heaks you can find full information about the support opportunities to Ukraine available through these 3 organizations mentioned above.
Estonian Red Cross


Estonian Refugee Council – if you can help with employment, housing, services, goods or any other help, fill out the form.

Rescue Association – sign up to become a volunteer or donate.


Reach Russian people through Yandex, Google maps and Tripadvisor. Leave a review for popular locations in Russia, include a message and photo of what is happening in Ukraine. This initiative was started by Twitter user @konrad03249040 whose tweet was later retweeted by the hacktivist group Anonymous.

Support Ukrainians by purchasing their production – starting from food to art. Support artists and listen to Ukrainian music. We’ve put together a playlist with lots of great music from Ukraine, listen!

It's time to speak up and act! #StandWithUkraine