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Concert “I AM UKRAINE” with Eurovision winners KALUSH Orchestra

KALUSH Orchestra. I am Ukraine.

KALUSH Orchestra will perform in a concert “I AM UKRAINE” in Vilnius, Lithuania this summer. The band was representing Ukraine and won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, in which all of Europe united and demonstrated their solidarity with Ukraine. 

You can also show your support for Ukraine by attending the KALUSH Orchestra concert in Vilnius on June 16. 50% of your ticket price will go to the foundation I AM UKRAINE, established by the Ukrainian Embassy in Lithuania. Tickets here

KALUSH Orchestra sends message to all their European fans:

“Don't pretend that the current war in Ukraine is a some kind of movie you are watching from the distance. Something that is far away. Ukraine is the centre of Europe, and this brutal war is happening exactly there. When you wake up and hear explosions. When you don't know if your parents, your friends, your relatives are still alive. This experience drives you crazy, it destroys your mental health. The faster we get help from Europe, the faster we come together, the more people help and inform us about it, the faster the war will end. And will not spread to other countries,” says group’s leader Oleh Psiuk.

KALUSH Orchestra was formed in 2021 as a band of six musicians, it is a side project for KALUSH, founded in 2019. The name Kalush stems from Oleh’s hometown in the Western part of Ukraine.

KALUSH Orchestra are young representatives of a vibrant Ukrainian hip hop scene. Ukrainian hip hop culture is extremely popular and relevant, it has already become an integral part of modern urban culture. What makes KALUSH Orchestra distinctive from other Ukrainian bands, is the combination of ethnic music elements with modern sound production, hip hop dances and Ukrainian rap.

Watch band's performance at the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2022: