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Ewert Sundja releases a very relatable song - "Sing of Me"

Ewert Sundja, lead singer of acclaimed Estonian group Ewert and The Two Dragons, who recently played two sold out solo shows in Tallinn and Riga, on May the 6th released a heartfelt and beautiful song called "Sing of Me" that came out in two very different versions.

Here's a sneak peak from the show in Riga.

“When I started thinking about this song`s release, I knew that I wanted to do something different - to open up and surprise myself throughout this process”, says Ewert on how the two tracks were born.

“Despite the fact, that the lyrics and melody are the same on those two songs, there’s still a big contrast: Sami’s version is much more positive and encouraging and my version is melancholic, sadder, in a good way. I like how we were able to create two different shades of the same song. Probably no one would expect a pop banger from Ewert Sundja in the year 2022, but look - here it is”, explains Ewert.

He adds: “I guess often we fight with some kind of prejudices - we put the songs into different categories. Today Korn are singing Backstreet Boys song on social media and Miley Cyrus covers Blondie - in a way certain barriers disappear. I am so happy that we managed to bring out the best of both worlds in one song: a summer banger and an intimate, authentic anthemic track.”

Talking about the meaning of the song, Ewert sums it up: “When a lot of songs feel like they are written about someone else, describing their beauty and goodness, love and longing for them, then this given song is written just for me. Sing of me. Sing of my mistakes and failures. Sing of my good and bad days. Sing of me, just the way I am. And a lot of us can actually relate to this simple message. In a society, where external shine and seeming success are like a pledge of happiness, to let go of all of the expectations and hopes. To be myself. To be loved, not as a facade, but as myself.”