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DAGAMBA returns with new concert programme

DAGAMBA. Bach Against the Machine

The hooligans of classical music DAGAMBA finally return with a new concert programme "Bach Against the Machine" and invite you to an epic concert on June 3, 2023, at Mežaparks Grand Stage in Riga. Tickets here

In the new concert programme, DAGAMBA has fused influences of the father of classical music, the great composer Johann Sebastian Bach and one of the most influential rock bands in the world - Rage Against The Machine to create unique and powerful music.

"The idea for BACH AGAINST THE MACHINE came to us after the successful concerts of programme #LudwigVanRammstein. In the context of world events, we felt that this was the right time to realize the idea. The music of the great artists of different centuries requires a great scope, both sonically and visually, so we will be happy to bring this musical collaboration of great spirits to the audience at the beginning of the summer on the magnificent Mežaparks Grand Stage, which is also a symbol of our freedom and the unity of the people”, says the bands’ founder, Valters Pūce.

The concert, which will perfectly mark the beginning of the open-air concert season, will feature DAGAMBA's new concert programme and all-time favorite compositions. 

DAGAMBA is a Latvian band formed in 2011 by Valters Puce, a highly skilled academic cellist, and his childhood friend, Antons Trocjuks, who also plays the cello. In 2014, they were joined by pianist Dainis Tenis, and in 2016, by drummer Artūrs Jermaks. The newest member of the group, double bass player Alise Broka, joined in 2020.

The band's music combines various musical styles, including world, rock, pop, and classical music, arranged by Valters Puce and Dainis Tenis. DAGAMBA fuses musical cultures to form a unique and powerful sound. Exploring previously unchartered musical territory, they create a vivid and dynamic performance.