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Electronica duo Pluie de Comètes releases daydreamy song "Looking forward"

Formed in 2018, the chic and aesthetic electronica duo Pluie de Comètes has spent the last few years creating music inspired by the sounds of the 60s to 80s – disco, synth pop, French and Italian pop and dance music, as well as related contemporary – indie dance, nu-disco. The third and latest track released by the duo, "Looking forward", carries their signature warm sound, complete with a light touch of nostalgia and a bit of irony.

"I remember writing the song's lyrics in a very lush and warm spring, feeling a bit of a heartache that one sometimes feels in spring like that, remembering some beautiful feelings or good times that are no longer there, and thus the paradoxical line 'I'm waiting for my past' was born, as if allowing one to dream about time travel. It's like a bright but also slightly sad 'daydreaming', where all kinds of images are allowed to rise freely without the aim to say something specific.” - says Justė. - "However, as often happens with songs, only after some time coming back to the text I realized that it was another stream with a very clear message as if predicting and manifesting the future”.

The whole song is enriched with colors, expressions, and symbols, so the band were eager to create a music video for it.

Saulius shares:

 “I was particularly allured by the 60s modern yet elegant psychedelic motion graphics that are epitomized in James Bond series title sequences (especially "You Only Live Twice’’), as well as some vintage cosmic-themed collages I’ve seen on various places around the web, which arouses some kind of wanderlust - or actually, a nostalgia for a place or time where you have never actually been”.

The idea for the music video came from and its execution was fuelled by Saulius's great interest in video production and computer graphics - this time the band decided to allow themselves to experiment and implement the entire clip from the idea to the release without any team - just the two of them. They shot most of the footage for the video on a green screen, using a smartphone. The fun part was getting together to mash everything up, and to animate the whole thing. Saulius comments that he was thrilled with the process and is very happy with the result, and  really enjoyed working on this with Justė, letting ideas flow freely, implementing them as they go.

“In the music video, we have tried to reflect the mood of the song and the free associations arising from the song's motif, assembling it like a mosaic from individual symbols, resonating with the song's lyrics and leaving ample room for the viewer’s own interpretation," tells Justė.

The duo is currently working on an EP, which they expect to release later this summer. Pluie de Comètes plans to perform several live shows in Vilnius and around Lithuania this summer.