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English rock star YUNGBLUD to perform in Baltics this summer

English rock musician YUNGBLUD

The summer rock music concert season will begin in June, when the music agency "8 Days A Week" presents the concert of Generation Z's icon, the elk of modern youth, and English rock star YUNGBLUD in Latvia and Lithuania.

04.06. Latvia, Sigulda, Sigulda Castle

05.06. Lithuania, Vilnius, Lukiškės Prison

The upcoming concerts will be YUNGBLUD's first performance in in the Baltics. This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and daring words in the summer concert calendar. For those who haven't been to a YUNGBLUD concert yet, YUNGBLUD himself describes them as:

"Lots of energy, happiness, solidarity and pink socks. I want my concerts to be a place for people to come and let loose. I want people to be as authentic as possible. The main thing is to be yourself and enjoy!"

YUNGBLUD (real name Dominic Richard Harrison) is already an icon and role model for other Generation Z music creators. His rebellious personality, incredible energy and rock'n'roll have gathered a fanatical army of fans. The YUNGBLUD fan community even has a name - the "Black Hearts Club". No wonder fans all over the world are going crazy for him and supporting the craziest ideas.

The multi-instrumentalist, born in Yorkshire, England, picked up a guitar for the first time at the age of 2 and started writing his own songs at the age of 10. His sound is truly unique as he fuses genres such as rock, ska, metal and alternative. YUNGBLUD's music speaks about topics relevant to today's society, discussing many taboo issues that other artists avoid talking about. He expresses the main concerns of his generation and uses music to unite and empower today's youth.

YUNGBLUD says his goal is to create music that makes everyone feel safe - no matter their religion, race or sexual orientation. You can definitely feel this energy in his concerts - freedom, security and euphoria envelop everyone.

Rolling Stone magazine describes YUNGBLUD as follows:

"He has one of the most distinctive rock vocals of this century, and his live performance is extremely magnetic - he is a true Tasmanian pop-rock demon. Love him or hate him, but YUNGBLUD undeniably embodies what a Generation Z rock musician should be.”

YUNGBLUD's latest - third - studio album "YUNGBLUD" marks the beginning of an exciting new era in the artist's career. The critically acclaimed album reached #1 in six countries and now has over 423 million streams since its release on 2 September 2022.

YUNGBLUD has collaborated with a variety of world-renowned musicians including Avril Lavigne, Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Baker, Halsey and Oli Sykes (from Bring Me The Horizon). YUNGBLUD's latest single When We Die (Can We Still Get High?) is a collaboration with one of the most active artists in rap music right now - Lil Yachty - and offers a previously unheard sound.

Latvia and Lithuania, are you ready to rock? Save the dates for an unforgettable experience at Sigulda Castle and Lukiškės Prison with the one and only YUNGBLUD!