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With emotional statement The Roop release "Love Is All We Got" and raise funds to help Ukraine

Lithuanian record-breaking band and Eurovision phenomenon The Roop released a new song and video “Love Is All We Got”. The Roop’s new charity single will raise funds to help with the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The song came out on a very special occasion – The day of restoration of Independence of Lithuania. „Love Is All We Got“ is a band statement and support message for Ukrainian people.

The band released their new song together with an emotional letter about the war in Ukraine, explained the choice of color and blooming flowers in the video and expressed support to their friends in Ukraine. Here is what they said:

We filmed the music video for “Love Is All We Got” at the end of October 2021. We, Lithuanians, have a painful collective memory and it kept whispering that the tension and disturbance in the world was rising. But not even in the worst nightmare could we dream of a war starting in it’s roughest form. While editing the video now we added additional images of people gatherings, support and protest activities from Lithuania and around the world. It is important for Ukrainian people to see us all who see, feel and support.

Blooming flowers symbolise hope and desire for peace. After all, flowers can break through concrete - such a superpower of life lies within the spirit of Ukrainians while fighting the invader. The dominating green color in the music video encodes revival, birth, and also prompts to stride forth and commit actions firmly.

Looking back at Lithuanian history, we remember experiencing Russia’s regime aggression multiple times. We were being occupied, exiled, killed. Each family has living memories of it. So how did we survive? We are guessing it was because of love. Because of big love for our families, children, mothers, fathers, and our country. Our nation like no other deeply understands and supports Ukraine. Putin's war against Ukraine is a war against humanity. We wish for it to end.

We express enormous support for Ukrainian band “Go_A”, with whom we established a warm friendship in Rotterdam, during “Eurovision”. We were discussing a collaboration and “Love Is All We Got” was one of the options. However, our intentions and plans were terminated by Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. “Go_A” recently wrote that they temporarily pause their music activity because of the war. All members of the band remained in their homeland. We want to believe the war ends as soon as possible, and we can write music and make the collaboration happen.

We admire people’s consolidation in Ukraine’s exhausting fight against the aggressor. Each contributes as much as they can and comprehends at a time. We, as THE ROOP, support Ukraine by financial donations, and we gave away all of our remaining merchandise - warm sweatshirts for adults and children. In addition, we constantly share relevant information on social media. Now we decided to contribute using our primary work - music. All of the funds collected for streaming of this song on all platforms in 2022 will be used to support Ukraine. Music can contribute to the idea of a better world, and spread beyond borders and nations.

#StandWithUkraine and support Ukraine!