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Experience the magic of electronic legends M83

In summer 2023, the long-awaited and much-loved French electronica icons “M83” are coming to the Baltics. “Midnight City”, “Wait”, “Reunion” and other tracks that have changed our lives and will be played live in an open air show in Lithuania and Latvia. 

07.06. Latvia, Sigulda castle

08.06. Lithuania, Vilnius, Lukiškės Prison 2.0

Over two decades, M83 music has influenced generations of artists, soundtracked major films, commercials and our days. When you listen to M83, only one word comes to mind – greatness. Fusing synth pop melodies and shoegaze into one world where Anthony Gonzalez plays with nostalgia and our feelings, “M83” has become one of the most influential bands of the last two decades.

"Their music is perfect for the big screen and a dream soundtrack. To see them live is to feel immortal and forget all your problems for at least a couple of hours," describes organizers 8 Days A Week agency.

Gonzalez grew up in Antibes, France. As a child, he dreamed of becoming a professional footballer (his grandfather was a forward who played for France in the 1966 World Cup), but a leg injury in his teens led him to discover music. His parents gave Anthony a guitar and he formed his first band, “My Violent Wish”, with his friend Nicolas Fromageau. After discovering synths, they recorded their first demo album, signed a contract with “Gooom Records” and so began the journey of “M83”.

However, “M83” second album “Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghost” in 2003 took them to the top and opened a new page in French music. The duo won critical acclaim and were praised for their new and fresh sound in the world of electronica. Even the snobs at Pitchfork gave the album a 9.2/10 rating and said: "The sound is massive, and Gonzalez's relentless attention to detail is overshadowed by the emotional power he conveys. This album is a marvel of humanity, beauty, frustration, glory and degradation that not only envelops but also gives space to explore the vastness of sound."

Simply put, “M83” has managed to turn cheap synthesizers into the ultimate source of nostalgia and emotion. After this album, Gonzalez went solo and create albums as the core of “M83” – “Before the Dawn Heals Us”, “Digital Shades, Vol.1", "Saturdays = Youth", supported “Kings of Leon”, “The Killers”, “Depeche Mode” on their tours, moved to Los Angeles and made history with “Hurry Up, We're Dreaming”, which last year celebrated its tenth year of fame, received a “Grammy” nomination and was heard in countless films. A nearly hour and a half recording that intoxicates, takes you out of this world and lets you believe in music and your dreams again.

After listening to this album, you get the feeling that you have just returned from a journey. Anthony Gonzalez's music goes far beyond our speakers, guiding us through an incredibly rich and detailed sound world, while giving us the opportunity to explore it for ourselves. 

Gonzalez's music has been used in fragrances, car commercials, movies like “Warm Bodies”, “Divergent”, TV shows: “Gossip Girl”, “The Vampire Diaries”. He also composed a score for the film “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise and the soundtrack for Cirque De Soleil's tour. Some of his albums we co-created with “Nine Inch Nails” and his childhood hero Jean Michel Jarre. Gonzalez's life and achievements are so wide and numerous that it is difficult to list them all.

Anthony jokes: “I can and still want to make pop albums. I don't want people to think I'm too old for that. No, I still want to play live, get people emotional and make them dance. Being on stage and feeling something is the greatest pleasure for me”.

He also suggests taking a step back from social media from time to time and try not to get lost in the abundance of creativity. In an age where musicians are copying each other, it's hard to stay original, but “M83” has always managed to do so.

We don't know yet what kind of performance “M83” will bring to us. Whether it will be the new album or the “Hurry Up, We're Dreaming” anniversary tour, it is hard to say. We won't be surprised if Anthony Gonzalez doesn't start talking about his tour until after the New Year. His last album “DSVII” was released back in 2019, so it looks like it's time for a new “M83” music.

Euphoria, nostalgia, joy, tears intertwine as Gonzalez takes the stage and showcases the majesty of guitars, drums and synths with the band. Next June in Sigulda and Vilnius will be amazing and unforgettable.




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