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Imagine Dragons with a spectacular open-air show in Latvia

It is already clear that next year's largest concert in Latvia and in the Baltics will be performed by the Las Vegas supergroup Imagine Dragons, which will perform its only concert in the Baltics on June 1st at the Mežaparks, Latvia as part of its world tour "Mercury World Tour". Tickets here.

What happened in Las Vegas does not always have to stay in this US city. Imagine Dragons is living proof that the band, which in many places was named the best new band in 2013, quickly became the most famous rock band from Las Vegas since the time of The Killers. Imagine Dragons have proven themselves as one of the strongest concert bands that can thrill and sell out the world's largest stadiums and arenas.

With its relentless energy, gorgeous and thoughtful shows, Imagine Dragons concerts are like a musical adventure, where rock music meets elements of hip-hop, folk music, and electronics. We have already experienced the group's unforgettable performances at the Positivus Festival in 2013 and the sold-out Arena Riga in 2016, and with even more power next summer we will welcome the most unforgettable open-air rock music show in Mežaparks, Riga.

Check out our interview with the band from Positivus Festival 2013 and a cool phone call we had on 2017.

Since the band's debut, Imagine Dragons has become one of the largest and most compelling rock bands in the world. Imagine Dragons has received 53 prestigious music awards and 160 nominations. Imagine Dragons has won three “American Music Awards”, nine “Billboard Music Awards”, a “Grammy Award” for “Best Rock Performance”, an “MTV Video Music Award”, and a “World Music Award” for “Best Rock Band”. In 2014, the band was nominated for fourteen “Billboard Music Awards”, winning the category “Best Band of the Year”, and in 2018 was nominated for eleven “Billboard Music Awards” and winning the category for “Best Album of the Year”. Imagine Dragons have been ranked No. 1 on the Billboard rock charts with a full three hits “Believer”, “Thunder” and “Radioactive”. The prestigious editors of “Rolling Stone” named the song "Radioactive" the biggest rock hit of the year. They were the most-streamed group of 2018 on Spotify and are the first rock act to have three songs, "Believer", "Thunder" and “Radioactive” to surpass one billion streams each.