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Michael Kiwanuka’s Concerts Are Postponed To 2022

Due to the restrictions of the pandemic that are still in force, music agency “8 Days A Week” announces new dates for the Michael Kiwanuka concert. The musician will perform in the Baltics in June of 2022. In Estonia – on June 9, in Latvia on June 10 and in Lithuania on June 11. The concert locations remain unchanged for all Baltic shows.

All of the artist’s planned concerts in the Baltics have been postponed. Unfortunately, due to pandemic restrictions, the concert has been postponed several times. Michael Kiwanuka’s concerts have already sold out in many places, including Estonia. Due to the restrictions still in force in the summer of 2021, concerts of well-known foreign performers in the Baltics are unlikely to take place. The worldwide scale of the pandemic is still large, so the safety of performers and viewers is paramount. All previously purchased tickets to Michael Kiwanuka’s concert are still valid and their owners do not need to change them. Some concert tickets are still available for purchase. 

Tickets for Latvia’s show

Tickets for Lithuania’s show

Michael Kiwanuka is currently one of the most coveted and significant musicians in the world. His latest album “Kiwanuka” is proof of that. Although almost a year and a half has passed since its release, the list of its recognitions and awards is impressive. Last year, it won the prestigious Mercury Prize, which also came with a generous £ 25,000 cash prize. The album was nominated for the Grammy Award for “Best Rock Album of the Year” and at the Brit Awards it was named the “Best Album of the Year”, while the author himself was named the “Best Musician of the Year”. The prestigious “Q Magazine” also presented Michael with an award for best concert.

Critics have praised “Kiwanuka”, calling it one of the best records of the decade. It is a work that not only gives meaning to race, identity, and history, but also concentrates all the talent of the performer. A stable value in the history of music that makes you listen. “These are things I dreamed of as a child – concerts, awards, fans,” says the British star, whose parents once left Uganda to move to London. 

Michael Kiwanuka is true, sincere and has never hid behind the mask of fame. Never participated on cheap TV shows or commercials. The most important thing for him is to convey an important message through his music, to sing about the problems of his generation and race, and to tell the truth. His warm voice and gentle character are reflected in the depth of his songs, which cover a wide range of topics, from politics and racism, human rights issues, to unanswered questions of love and nature.

The musician also plans to present his third album “Kiwanuka” in the Baltic shows, the name of which emphasizes his unique identity. Now all that’s left to do is wait for next year and enjoy this meeting in person.


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