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Brainstorm finish epic tour gathering 110 000 music lovers in 5 cities

"Brainstorm" started the Latvian concert tour " A Year Without a Calendar" on July 23 in their hometown Jelgava. Concerts in Valmiera, Daugavpils, Ventspils and Riga followed later. The concert tour of  "Brainstorm"  "A Year without a Calendar"  ended up with a concert on the Mezaparks Grand Stage just on Saturday, August 20.


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In total, the concerts in five Latvian cities were attended by approximately 110,000 listeners, who had a chance to enjoy the new album songs as well as long-loved compositions. "A year without a calendar" is the 12th album of "Brainstorm", the reason why the same name of the concert tour was chosen.

For four years, “Brainstorm” had not met their audience on such a large scale, and this in itself was such an emotional moment to meet the listeners in five Latvian cities. To a standing ovation from the audience, the band managed to bring so many thousands of listeners together, which is amazing and magical feeling at the same time. At the concerts, you could feel a very strong sense of unity and energy exchange between the band and the audience, where thousands of people came to sing and dance together. It was powerful unity.

The Daugavpils concert should be mentioned as there was a feeling that the scenario of the previous tour would play out, when it rained throughout the concert, but this time when “Brainstorm” went on the stage, the rain clouds suddenly disappeared and the sun and a beautiful rainbow appeared - as a sign that everything will be fine. The residents of Daugavpils and the guests of the city were especially open and sincere from the first song of the concert. A particularly the most touching moment at the concert was when the audience asked to repeat the song "My song" or "Моя писня", dedicated to the victims of the Ukrainian war. It should be noted that "Brainstorm" had announced the refugees of the Ukrainian war as the guests of honor of this concert tour, who could attend the concerts for free.

"Brainstorm" had taken care of an impressive line-up of guests in their concerts. The warm-up artist on this tour was Jānis Šipkēvics, who performed with his solo project "Shipsea", while "Brainstorm" was joined on stage by the artists ansis and "Tautumeitas" who were invited to the album "A Year without a Calendar". The concert was also enriched by the rapper Gustavo, the band "Instrumenti", as well with singers as Kristīne Pāže, Intars Busulis and Dons.

The tour has been successful, according to the group members.  The band members mentioned  that they themselves would give ten points out of ten for the concert tour.

The visual concept and scenography of the concert tour stage was taken care of by Kaspars Roga and Ainars Pastars ("Company NA"), which was complemented by magnificent light and video effects created by the best lighting directors and video artists.

Text: Kristīne Pleša
Photos: Vladislavs Surics


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