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Interview: Sibyl Vane about meeting Placebo, personal and haunting things and outliving Rolling Stones

Estonian rock band Sibyl Vane, which started as a one-time project, didn't stop there and now many years later have been support act for a band they love - Placebo, and are dedicated to outlive The Rolling Stones.

We met with Helena Randlaht Heiko Leesment at Võnge festival in Estonia and talked about music, the excitement of meeting Placebo, their support for women who are victims of domestic violence as well of their personal struggles, fears and haunting thoughts.

When talking about Placebo, Heiko doesn't hide his excitement:
"When we got this final confirmation, I think we all were blown away and didn't believe that it's really going to happen. All day was quite special, because they were warm and open people and the chat we had with Stefan Olsdal, Placebo bassist, and the way he remembered all the shows in Latvia and Estonia, even Positivus show where I was in the crowd. So yeah, for me as a fan it was the was actually the best place where to be, because when you are a fan and you can get to the backstage of the band that you like so much, it's a big thing!"

Helena Randlaht agrees that it was a valuable experience to talk with famous band's technicians, get insight, see the production and soundcheck, which felt like a private concert and, as Helena said, marks "the best day of their lives". 

At music festival in Estonia, near the Peipus lake, Sibyl Vane gathered a lovely crowd of fans, who as band in interview states, is a big support for them. To feel the vibe of Võnge festival, check out our photo gallery!