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36 artists applied to warm up stage for Hurts - your vote matters!

The most exciting part of much-awaited Hurts opening act contest starts now! With an amazing response from bands and musicians, we are thrilled to present the list of talented contestants who have applied for this wonderful chance to showcase their musical prowess in front of large crowds and captivate beloved Manchester duo Hurts' fans.

A total of 36 applications were received, and now it's time to begin the selection process to determine the winners. Your voice matters - vote for your fave!

As previously announced, a panel of judges consisting of contest organizers from and L Tips Agency, along with a fan vote on Instagram, will curate a selection of bands to present to Hurts. We value the opinion of music lovers, and that's why we are putting the decision-making in the hands of the fans as well. Starting from June 16th, everyone can participate in the voting process to select their favorite bands and propel them closer to victory.

Here's how the voting will take place:

The fan vote on Instagram stories will be conducted in two rounds for each country. Artists will be divided in pairs and though voting will happen between pairs using Instagram poll tool, the results will be determined based on the highest vote count between all acts, and the result in pairs will serve only as a fun element to keep you entertained & engaged.

In the first round (June 16-17), all applied artists will participate, and based on the highest number of votes received, four artists from each country will progress to the final round. In the final round (June 18-19), the two bands from each country with the highest vote count will become part of the selection that will be introduced to Hurts. Additionally, two bands from each country will be selected by the jury and presented to Hurts. The band will then choose their favorites, two from Latvia and two from Estonia, as their opening act. The winners will be announced during the week of 19.06. - 25.06.

Manchester duo Hurts will perform in Estonia, Tallinn, on July 25th, and in Latvia, Sigulda, on July 26th.

Explore the contestants and vote for the bands/musicians that captivate your heart and mind to help them get the unique chance to shine in front of big crowds and surprise Hurts fans. Follow on Instagram to stay tuned for further updates. Good luck to everyone!


ALIKA is an indie-pop artist hailing from Estonia. She won both the most recent season of Estonian Idol and the 2023 Estonian Song competition “Eesti Laul”, the latter of which earned her the privilege of representing Estonia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and became 8th at the finals. Her first three singles all reached the top of the radio charts in Estonia, solidifying her popularity in her home country. ALIKA was nominated for Female Artist of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards in January 2023. With her rising profile and loyal fan base, ALIKA has secured a record deal with Universal Music Estonia, signaling her emergence as a promising artist in the Estonian music scene.

What will they add to the show?

Alika’s live performance and her vocals are breathtaking so her live set is one not to be missed that captures every eye and ear in the audience. She is 20-year-old young star who is born to be on stage.

Andreas Poom

Andreas Poom is a young Estonian singer-songwriter who started writing music at the very young age of 12. Since then, he has released four self-written singles, performed on some of the biggest stages in Estonia, and worked with the biggest artists in Estonia. Along with his guitar and his very distinctive voice, Andreas loves to write heartfelt songs with personal meanings behind them, gathering inspiration from his favorite artists such as Taylor Swift, Olivia O’Brien, and Conan Gray. He is currently signed to SMUUV Music / Warner Music Finland as an artist and to Elements Music as a writer.

What will they add to the show?

Andreas can bring a lot of attention to the show with his growing following on Tiktok and Instagram. He is performing with a small trio lineup and is technically very easy to move around with.


AROUND THE SUN is a band from Estonia that blends epic synths with rock energy. Their music can be both dancy and lyrical, while also embracing darker moments. The band has embarked on a journey, starting from street performances, and gradually gaining popularity at prominent Estonian music events which eventually led to performing with One Republic and LP. The band is currently gearing up for the release of their debut album. AROUND THE SUN filmed a special video for HURTS:

What will they add to the show?

With our experience and explosive energy we will unite thousands of people at the biggest open-air Estonian stage. AROUND THE SUN aspires to become the first Estonian band known worldwide.


The band Audiokvartāls consists of three musicians and was founded in 2014. The group's songs are regularly played on Latvian radio stations. In 2020, the band released their debut album "Runa nav par naudu", it was nominated for the Latvian Music Record of the Year Award "Zelta Mikrofons" in the category - Debut of the Year. In 2021, Audiokvartāls entered the finals of the popular television show "X Factor". In May 2022 Audiokvartāls released their 2nd studio album "Viss (nav) tik slikti".

What will they add to the show?

Audiokvartāls will add extra smiles and joy to Hurts show, because it is hard not to smile while looking at band members and listening to their jokes and stories, and of course, energy that will unite all listeners and warm them up.

Bel Tempo

Bel Tempo - Latvian indie dance act with one foot firmly in dusty electronic beat making and the other in soft anthemic storytelling. Choosing topics that suit our everyday life, it is plain to see Bel Tempo’s voice as one of empathy for a generation of new music listeners across the Baltics. The duo released their first EP “Pessimismus” in June 2022 and it features the fiercely feminine London-based rapper Eliza Legzdina. The EP was nominated for “Best Electronic & Dance Album” as well as “Best Debut Album” at the Annual Latvian Music Recording Awards “Zelta Mikrofons 2023”.

What will they add to the show?

Bel Tempo live set is a guidebook to self-love. The first lesson is to move your hips. 

Bloody Heels

Bloody Heels coming from Latvia is one of the top and fresh acts in the European Hard Rock scene. The band has been around since the year 2012 and while building its fan base, touring all over Europe and releasing EP “Summer Nights” in 2014 and their debut album “Through Mystery” in 2017 independently. The band signed a record deal in the fall of 2019 with one of the biggest rock and metal labels nowadays in the world “Frontiers Music SRL”, and released their label’s debut album “Ignite The Sky” in the summer of 2020 and released their latest album “Rotten Romance” in the summer of 2022.

What will they add to the show?

While we know that we might be heavier than the Hurts, I think we would give a small spark to the overall event by being something a bit different. Of course, we would also play a lighter show and not the heaviest stuff. All in all, we're quite an energetic band and know how to get people moving! 


Chairmen - an experimental cello rock band from Latvia. The core of the group consists of 3 musicians, who use electric cellos together with a drum set to create a unique synthesis of styles and combine elements of academic music, progressive rock and art-rock.
The recently released debut album "Naudas atmazgāšanas shēma / Money Laundering Scheme" is converted into a powerful concert show, bringing together people of any age and taste in music.

What will they add to the show?

As an energetic band, we are confident that our unique sound and stage presence will add an electrifying atmosphere and excite the audience for the main show!​


Di’Artist from Estonia is the newest addition to Europe’s vibrant rock music scene, bringing their unique and explosive energy to stages across the continent. Their sound is a perfect mix of the 80s rock genre, characterized by its hard-hitting riffs, soaring guitar solos, and powerful vocals, all fused with modern elements that give their music a contemporary edge. Di’Artist’s music is a testament to the enduring appeal of rock music, and their performances capture the raw energy and passion that has made the genre so beloved by generations of fans.

What will they add to the show?

Di’Artist is a band that knows how to bring the house down, leaving audiences stunned and amazed by their electrifying live shows. So if you’re looking for a band that embodies the spirit of rock music, look no further. With their infectious energy, soaring riffs, and powerhouse vocals, they are sure to leave an indelible mark on the rock music landscape.


EGREGOR is one of those cases when four musicians met and conquered each other with their genius. The band plays in the style of pop-rock and pop-punk. The band was born back in 2020, in the city of Tallinn, Estonia. In 2021, they released a scandalous debut album titled "Zaebiysk" which spread with lightning speed across various music platforms.

What will they add to the show?

An extravagant group from the shores of the Gulf of Finland. Legs start dancing on their own, bartenders can't pour beer fast enough… Every new song is an adrenaline rush. The musical condensate seeps through the prism of our perception and acquires an independent existence…


Emīlija and her band are a collective of youthful and passionate individuals from Latvia. Their repertoire predominantly consists of Emīlija's original compositions, accompanied by cover arrangements of their favorite indie music. With a remarkable seven years of experience in songwriting, Emīlija has already released an EP album that garnered a nomination for "The Best Debut Album" at the Latvian Music Awards. Currently, Emīlija is working on her second album, collaborating with one of the best Latvian electronic/alternative musicians, Evija Vēbere.

What will they add to the show?

In my opinion, our band will bring a lot of positivity and great vibes, because our music gives us purpose, that's why - when we are on stage we give it all.

Erased By Sunrise

Erased By Sunrise is an alternative-rock quarter from Riga, Latvia. The band began writing, creating, and performing in 2022 and since then has released 4 singles (with several more on the way) and played several live shows, both acoustic and fully electric. Their main influences include Nothing But Thieves, The Blue Stones, Deftones, and others.

What will they add to the show?

For this show, we will add a boost of pure, raw, controlled energy with a touch of melancholic spiritual presence that will make the listeners look inward and feel connected.


Exanity is an alternative rock band. They like to call themselves bad boys with good hearts and it's quite accurate. They have officially released to the music platforms only one EP right now, but they have actually created around 20 singles that they are performing with. The last performance for them was the Kapa Festival on the 10th of June (2023).

What will they add to the show?

They, their creation, and their messages belong to the stage! They combine live instruments with backtracks that give outstanding effects and sound to their music.

Fools On Parade

Fools On Parade is a band formed in 2016. They have gained some recognition under the Latvian post-grunge scene with their debut album “Hometown Stories” and have won several awards from various Latvian Radio stations and music publications. They have showcased their mastery in moving audiences by performing 97 concerts a year and performing at festivals such as Summer Sound, Playground, TasTe , and Open Air Festival. The band has made 2 studio albums and has participated in many other projects as well.

What will they add to the show?

Fools on Parade have one of the most unique performances in the Latvian music scene, always full of energy, and charisma and they can always move the crowd. The energy of the Fools on Parade performance will leave you speechless even days after the act.


Indygo is an energetic rock trio from the capital of Latvia, who have played a huge amount of gigs on different stages in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and UK. The band's discography includes 4 studio albums and 1 live album with semi-acoustic performance, as well as EP which is recorded in Sweden, and the last few singles recorded with known Latvian studio producers. Right now the band is working on a new studio album that will see the daylight in autumn this year. At the moment Indygo prepares for their upcoming performance together with American rock band Touche Amore this weekend.

What will they add to the show?

We can add to this concert fresh energy and pump up the audience for Hurts, because we think this is what the public needs - to be warmed up. Our added value would be our performance and communication on socials before that, we're good at that.

INGER & the band

Estonian artist's INGER skillful songwriting and catchy melodies are keywords that accompany him. INGER was finalist of Estonian Eurovision Competition in 2019, 2020, and 2023. The previous years have provided knowledge and experience in every area of life, and the audience will be able to share this through fresh creations and a renewed stage line-up - INGER & the band. A good amount of pop music mixed with a slightly more alternative and rock tone creates an interesting sound language by INGER & the band, which together with itself offers both excitement and a warm joy of recognition to every listener.

What will they add to the show?

INGER & band will bring a dynamic blend of pop/rock energy and captivating stage presence, adding an exciting and vibrant element to the show of HURTS.


INSPO focuses on atmospheric sound and on crossing different musical styles, not wanting to confine itself to any specific genre. After Nadīna joined the band in 2021, the first EP 'Space Between' was recorded and with one of the songs -"A Happy Place" - INSPO debuted at the national Eurovision selection competition “Supernova 2022”. In November 2022, the band's first album "Duality" was released, and with a later released single called “Sway” band participated in "Supernova 2023".

What will they add to the show?

We will add an ambient soundtrack to pretend you are part of a movie.


Jannsi, is a 29-year-old Latvian musician who specializes in blending indie rock with elements of pop and hip-hop. Apart from his musical endeavors, Jannsi is also a graphic designer and serves as the pastor of the only LGBTQ+ affirming Baptist church in Latvia. He integrates his creative and spiritual practices to inspire others to live authentically and compassionately. Ultimately, his goal is to move towards a world where people can express their true selves without fear of discrimination or harm.

What will they add to the show?

As a solo artist, my performance adds a dynamic and captivating presence to the stage. With a fusion of indie rock, pop, and hip-hop, my music resonates with audiences, inviting them to join a journey of self-expression and connection. Through my songs, I aim to ignite a sense of empowerment, inspiring individuals to embrace their unique identities and stand up against injustice. My performance will contribute a passionate and thought-provoking element that goes well with the music and message of Hurts.


JAUDA (Force, Power: in Latvian) is a pop-rock/rock music band founded in 2016. Combining bass, drums, electric guitar, vocal sounds, and electronics, the band creates a unique, live sound in their recordings and concerts. In 2018, the band released their debut album "Durvis atvērtas" (Door Open) in Latvian. In 2021, they followed up with their second studio album "Underwater," entirely in English. Currently, they are working on their new album in both languages. JAUDA is not a story about pink glasses, it's a realism of life with gray days, beautiful moments, and real emotions that are served on a musical tray.

What will they add to the show?

We have experience in shows in Latvia and abroad, we are playing live music with a lot of electronic "ear candies", we can add a unique sound and show atmosphere to the audience and warm up people with tasty and energetic music.

Katrina Gupalo

Latvian singer & songwriter Katrina Gupalo could run Hydroelectric power plant with her energy! In 2018 Ms. Gupalo released her original music debut album “Gentle and Done”, made her first US concert tour, as well as she was selected for the Latvian Eurovision song contest’s Semi final, warmed up British soul music diva Emeli Sandé. The Ukrainian support song "Resistance" created by her was nominated for the Latvian Public Media Award "Kilograms kultūras" category "#Popculture", and also won international recognition – it represented Latvia in the international TV marathon "SAVE UKRAINE #StopWar".

What will they add to the show?

If I get chosen to perform as an opening act, I will perform both - solo with piano by myself and with my band. We will add to the show an emotional and colorful performance to warm up the souls, hearts, and hands of the audience for one of the greatest musicians of our time - Hurts!

Kitty Florentine

Kitty Florentine from Estonia is a nasty ethereal fairy, who expresses herself through several art forms. She builds cinematic, atmospheric soundscapes, and emotional bops and always stays true to whatever she feels like saying. She has performed in some of the biggest local Estonian festivals, been the supporting act for Hatari and Fever Ray, self-organized a sold-out solo concert in one of the most popular local venues, performed in Milan and at Liveurope festival in Prague. She won the Raadio 2 Debut Artist of the Year award and her album was nominated at the Estonian Music Awards 2023 for Indie/Alternative Album of the Year.

What will they add to the show?

Kitty Florentine has a unique approach to her live performances. She engages with the crowd in a way that draws a very thin line between reality and dreamlike state. Incorporating dance, drama, emotional vocals, and a bass that could carry the world, she will be a great addition to laying the foundation for an exceptional show. 

Kristiāna Millere

Kristiāna Millere, an eighteen-year-old from Tukums, Latvia, is a singer-songwriter who began writing her own songs at the age of thirteen. Kristiāna's musical journey took a remarkable turn when she participated in the "Saldus Saulīte" competition last summer, where she performed her debut single "Vēstules" with Matīss Bērzs, the drummer of their newly formed band. Since the inception of their band, they have performed their original compositions at various Lindas Garančas music studio events, appeared on Latvian television, and featured on "dod 5 radio."

What will they add to the show?

With anticipation and a shared passion for music, they are looking forward to the opportunities for growth, while embracing the unifying power of music.


KUUL is an Estonian pop-rock power trio. They started in 2018 and now they are actively working on recording their debut album, set to be completed by the end of this year. Following the album's completion, they have exciting plans to embark on a tour dedicated to presenting their new music to fans. KUUL makes crowds sing, laugh, and dance. Despite being a power trio, their distinctive playing technique sets them apart, resulting in a sound that rivals that of a larger band.

What will they add to the show?

We play with our fingers. We don't use pickups and no backtracks. All natural.

Laika Upe

Laika Upe is a five musician band whose love for music and complete dedication is a value that ranks Laika Upe among the most sought-after live dance music groups in Latvia. The group has been performing together since 2016 and has also created their own original songs. Qualities that characterize group work include a great selection of songs, which the band performs in a manner that invites everyone to sing and dance along. Reflecting the diversity of their audience, their repertoire spans a wide range of musical styles.

What will they add to the show?

Laika Upe ensures excellence from the first note to the final chord delivering live and high-quality sound. Their dynamic performances, both in public and private events of varying scales, foster a vibrant and positive exchange of energy with the audience. Young and full of energy, they possess the ability to get a great party going and their show will guarantee a captivating experience, matching the Hurts concept, lights, and mood.


Loopout is a hip-hop project by Latvian musician Kriss Baglais. Kriss is a member of a well-known hip-hop group from Cēsis - Rīmdari and music is his LOOPOUT. Sometimes we simply keep moving with the flow of our everyday lives. But there are many of us that feel a need to change direction and go our own way - take action to challenge the status quo and break the loop.

What will they add to the show?

I have planned live drums and a female vocalist that is also a guitarist and will play live guitar on stage, which will add a live element to the rap performance. I know rap is not the preferred genre for Hurts warm-up but you never know.

Maarja Aarma MA

Maarja Aarma MA is like a book you cannot put down. Their beats, sounds, and melodies guide you through capturing stories. Take a deep breath, dive into MA’s world, and let yourself be transformed. With Maarja's feminine touch, soft but powerful, and the guys' strong presence and ever-changing playfulness, the band captures the attention of every audience. Soul, neo-soul, vocal pop, and Scandinavian jazz influence MA's music.

What will they add to the show?

Maarja Aarma MA would add a captivating blend of haunting melodies and electrifying energy to the show, creating an immersive musical experience that lingers in the hearts and minds of the audience.


MARTA is a Latvian artist who studied musical theatre at the London College of Music. Upon returning home, she shifted her creative focus from theatre to music. Her primary passion lies in songwriting for herself and others, as well as performing live. MARTA's music is characterised by fun and meaningful lyrics, wordplay, and catchy melodies. Both of her albums, 'Lietas, kas notiek manā galvā' and 'Dabas parādība,' were nominated for pop album of the year at the Latvian music recording award 'Zelta mikrofons'.

What will they add to the show?

I consistently bring high energy to every show and ensure a great time for the audience. We have an awesome live act with drums, guitar, bass, and playbacks, and would love to perform my most popular songs to get the crowd ready for Hurts!

Minimal Wind

Minimal Wind came to prominence in Estonia after coming second in the Estonian national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. They were voted the favourite of the international jury by a wide margin. Minimal Wind then performed all over Estonia and released their debut album “hi.". Musically, they combine the intimacy of R'n'B with the raw power of stadium rock - Ariana Grande meets Coldplay.

What will they add to the show?

We are bringing our authenticity and good vibe for the show but keeping it minimalistic so Hurts can have all the energy from audience. We have experience as a warm up act for Passenger and Trad.Attack.

Silky Steps

Glamour and sweat fill any room Silky Steps plays. The 5-piece from Estonia takes the pop side of funk and disco by its horns. Plentiful synths and suave basslines get all the right juices flowing. All the while a musical guest will pop in here and there to provide a sax solo, sing a ref or throw down a little rap. The latter is especially true for their upcoming LP “Universal Language,” as 2023 sees the group step up their game in a big way. They were signed by Funk Embassy Records for their second LP.

What will they add to the show?

A mixture of Nile Rodgers meets Jungle - a warm, welcoming feeling perfect to kickstart a concert night.

Sub Scriptum

Sub Scriptum is an alternative/indie rock band from Latvia that was formed in the summer of 2017. The band released their debut album “ mode” in 2020 which was produced by Arnis Račinskis and Alexander Buriy. Sub Scriptum has a huge concert experience and has played in many different venues. Sub Scriptum has been an opening act for Latvian bands ‘’Dzelzs Vilks’’ and ‘’Musiqq’’. This spring the band released an EP ‘’Mīlestības” is currently working on new music.

What will they add to the show?

Sub Scriptum music is characterized by catchy melodies and rhythmic hooks. The band always brings youthful energy to their shows. They would be honored to have the opportunity to be the supporting act for Hurts.

Sudden Lights

Sudden Lights is a Latvian indie rock band formed in 2012 when they were students and friends at a music school. Sudden Lights are among the fastest-growing, most sought-after, and streamed artists in Latvia. To this day, Sudden Lights have released 3 studio albums, the latter receiving 5 nominations in the Latvian Music Awards, including best pop album, best album design, and best concert recording. Sudden Lights “Aijā” is Latvia's entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

What will they add to the show?

If Sudden Lights will be chosen as the support act, they will bring positive, powerful energy to the crowd. As the band recently gained international exposure from the Eurovision Song Contest, we believe it might attract some Sudden Lights fans to the event as well.

The Boondocks

The Boondocks is a four-piece rock band from Estonia. Drawing influences from British post-punk, guitar pop and early R’n’B, The Boondocks is a multilayered and nuanced affair. Their 4th album was released on 24th September 2021. “Soup Can Pop Band” is a passive-aggressive critique of modern society & politics, communicated through an homage of punk music in all its historical diversity. The album won the Rock Album of the Year Award at Estonian Music Awards in 2022.

What will they add to the show?

The Boondock's live shows are always energetic and inclusive of the audience. The band has played together since they were still kids and have thus formed a strong connection and understanding of each other. This is really seen in their performances as they are always of high quality.


TLM is a musical project from Latvia nostalgic for the rhythms of the foreign stage of the 80s. In their work, the duo uses synth-pop and retrowave rhythms combined with rock riffs and drive. Given the different musical tastes of the members, TLM's music has a wide variety of influences, from David Bowie to Bon Jovi, from Genesis to Talking Head.

What will they add to the show?

We love HURTS very much and could be a great addition to their show as a duo. And given the small composition and the technical component, we will organize very quickly and without problems during the performance.


TREEEYE is a five-piece band formed in Latvia during the spring of 2011. They draw inspiration from a variety of sources, spanning from post-rock to drum'n'bass, and from grunge to ambient. Treeeye offers to dive into a wide range of moods, an atmospheric mix of sounds, and a balanced combination of electronic & acoustic instruments.

What will they add to the show?

TREEEYE will provide a unique atmosphere including visual effects during the show. 


VDM is a rock band from Estonia, known for their energetic and dynamic live performances. The band's music is influenced by classic rock and metal. Currently, the band is in the process of recording their debut album. In addition to that, they have already released two conceptual singles, each featuring deeply personal lyrics and captivating narratives.

What will they add to the show?

VDM will bring an electrifying and dynamic energy to the stage, and captivate the audience with their powerful deep baritone vocals and mesmerizing instrumental performance. Their unique sound and engaging stage presence will undoubtedly add an unforgettable and exhilarating element to the show, complementing the musical experience of Hurts.


Vultura (Annija Tīna Kukuka) is a Latvian singer, songwriter, record producer, and electronic music artist. Her debut solo album, “Not Your Typical Fairytale,” garnered critical acclaim, earning praise as a "promising musical manifest" and winning two awards at The Annual Latvian Music Recording Awards, as the best "Debut" and "Electronic/Dance" music album of 2023. It is also regarded as one of the biggest surprises in the Latvian electronic music scene. Through unwavering and successful collaboration with her producer Mark1Records, Vultura skillfully blends genres like darkwave, new wave, synthpop, and post-punk with more traditional EDM styles such as drum n’ bass, creating a provocative yet euphonious listening experience.

What will they add to the show?

Two things I will do as an opening act: 1) Absolutely slay the opening act; 2) Will definitely make people move along with me and my team on the stage. 


Waterflower (Sabine Moore) is an eco-pop-futurist artist from Latvia, transforming plants and mushrooms into instruments for raw, grungy electronic music that reflects the urgency of our dying planet. With roots in the underground music scene, their immersive audiovisual experience combines video animations with experimental sound, pushing the boundaries of music and art. Sabine Moore expands their artistic identity and challenges gender norms - while through the Waterflower persona, they explore hyper-femininity through electronic music, they are also known for their drag king persona, Bill Lagoon. 

What will they add to the show?

Waterflower is very different from Hurts, but similar in other ways. Waterflower provides a solo experimental electronic show with an emotive pop core, that verges on the boundaries of digital hardcore, while keeping their experimental background, being one of the first underground female producers to come from Latvia.

Choose your favourite acts to open for Hurts and support them by taking part in the fan vote on Instagram!