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Latvian Pacific K and Lithuanian Ingaja collaborate and release song "Bullet"

A collaboration between the Latvian ambient indie outlet Pacific K and Lithuanian singer-songwriter Ingaja results in a new song called “Bullet”. It combines deep indie sounds, a minimalistic, yet driving beat, lush guitars and both of their vocals which blend together very naturally and seamlessly.

Lyrically the song talks about ignorance, betrayal and holding people accountable for their actions. While the subject matter is on the darker side, the feeling of the song is mellow and almost meditative, taking the listener on a more calming and reflective journey.

“The song was sitting on my shelf for a while, unfinished, unreleased, covered in dust, waiting to be picked up again”, says Kristaps of Pacific K. “And I always knew I wanted to collaborate with Ingaja, so when we started throwing ideas around I suddenly remembered of this song. It clicked instantly and I was happy to see how naturally it all came together. I absolutely love the depths Ingaja brings into this with her beautiful voice.”


Ingaja also shares her thoughts on the new song: “As a solo artist, I truly enjoyed myself collaborating with Kristaps from Pacific K. It was fun to observe my mind and character as we were shaping the sound and also discover new colours of creativity. Our strong individual commitment to Bullet allowed us to achieve a common vision. I believe every person listening to the song will find themselves in it, as the song talks about betrayal, shattered illusions and that someone's actions will always tell you everything you need to know.”

Pacific K and Ingaja have both been around with their music for a few years now, sharing similar vibes, themes and characteristics in their songs, yet crafting their own distinct and individual sounds. They are inspired by wild landscapes, journeys within and conversations with oneself and the environment around them. The play between dark and light can be found in both of their music. Over the years, they have gained listeners in many places while playing gigs and festivals in both their home countries and abroad, as well as received praise from independent music blogs and industry professionals.

Pacific K:




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