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Dance and artsy avant-garde feel in Lithuanian artist's punktò debut single and music video

Jonas Šarkus, a Lithuanian actor and member of the well-known group "Solo Ensemble," has made his debut in the new project "punktò", by releasing the single "Not Things," accompanied by an artsy, theatre-inspired music video.

„punktò“ („Point“) – is an object of creative beginning that could be interpreted as a shifting symbol, always contradicting itself. It is the unquestionable and free art of punk. It cannot have any definition and perfectness.

…absurd of reality that fits in a crooked move… if it is your first time at this party, but you feel like you have been here before…

“punktò’s” debut single “Not things”, like its name, fills itself with permanent contradictions. Without moralizing it calls the listener to reflect and feel differently. The form of the song’s text is like a game, where the fragments of nature and its elements, cozy domestic moments, and feelings are very easily combined with and opposed to the materialistic symbols of capitalism. The main theme is the human surrounded by material goods so that he forgets the person alongside him and little by little becomes an object himself. The music here is composed with playful dance style and daring, crooked moments. The goal is to spend a night out with positivity, playfulness, and dance, but in the morning think calmly about the serious questions raised.

The music video for “punktò‘s“ debut single „Not things“ is a narrative of many genres and distorted forms. Its story is made up from leaps between genres of fashion, theatre, sculpture and their developed metaphors, dream effects, illusions, and trash style. The ironical and mystical picture does not have any frames of time: everything is happening now, even if it could have happened half of a century ago. In this eclectic act, we see conflicts between three different organisms that are becoming more and more material. Three bodies that are always trying to get out of the collapse of their relations, but do not have the chance to make it. Finally, they become monuments of their own vanity.

„punktò“ is a unique project of Jonas Šarkus, his alter ego, the individual language of music, and visual art. Using the sound of 80‘s music, poetic speech, surreal, even absurd visuals the artist analyzes social clichés and the fragility of our reality and how we understand it. „punktò’s“ music is made of odd compositions of dance music, inspired by lo-fi, synth-pop, disco, minimal wave genres and a sense of avant-garde which is brought in by J. Šarkus work in theatre. That is also how „punktò“ does not limit itself to music. The goal of the project is to find a dialogue with artists from many areas and to find new forms of art, including painting and performance art as well.

…everything that you hear, see, smell, and feel now – it is not here. It will exist tomorrow. What you will hear, see, smell, and feel tomorrow, it will be flowing…


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