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Detlef kicks off the new year with "Veiksmīgāk nesanāk"

The popular collective Detlef, led and founded by Uldis Dirnēns from Latvia, returns with new songs after 15 years of silence. Their second single "Veiksmīgāk nesanāk" (eng. - "It doesn't get any better") from the upcoming album, set to see the light at the end of 2024, is presented to the audience.

Detlef says: 

This is a continuation of the series of "unrecorded and unreleased songs", this time in collaboration with 2012 when the idea for this song was born. New song ideas never stop emerging for a moment, and it seems like this could be the right moment to bring something to tangible fruition.

At the same time, the first song of the upcoming album, "1998," was released in the fall. Describing the sound of the new record, Detlef refrains from commenting much, as the creative work is still ongoing. However, it's clear that the same guitars are still in their hands, and their sound will be distinctly audible.

The debut album of the group, "Tu Izliecies par sevi," was released in 2004, with its first single "Četras sienas" reaching the top spot on the SWH radio chart for five consecutive weeks. This was followed by several songs that gained hit status and an unforgettable place in the memories of fans — "Stils nevainīgs," "Blind Actor," and "The Time Has Come." In 2008, the second studio album, "Skapī," was recorded in London. Although there was little heard about the group in the public domain for over a decade, the group's leader, Uldis Dirnēns, continued to create music and dedicated time to his personal development. At the end of 2023, Detlef returned with a sold-out concert at Palladium Rīga.



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