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Discover "QQ": The debut album from punktò

Jonas Šarkus audiovisual artistic venture, punktò, which took center stage a year ago, has reached a significant milestone. On October 1, he unveiled his debut album, "QQ" in collaboration with the record label Isla to Isla. 

The debut album, "QQ" akin to the three striking music videos released earlier, offers an introduction to the realm of punktò. It explores a multitude of themes, including the darker facets of human nature, all while maintaining a constant undercurrent of sharp irony. This irony gives rise to peculiar, surreal, and at times, absurd visuals and sounds.

From its inception, J. Šarkus project aimed to establish dialogues with artists from diverse backgrounds and explore novel artistic forms. Through this experimental approach, music videos for the singles "Ne daiktai" and "La la la" gained recognition and accolades at international awards ceremonies in Europe.

The sonic landscape of punktò is an unconventional fusion of dance music inspired by lo-fi, Synth-Pop, Disco, minimal wave styles, and avant-garde influences drawn from J. Šarkus theatrical work. In his new album, he offers a (self-)ironic commentary on established traditions within dance music. The compositions in "QQ" are meticulously crafted using analogue, modular synthesizers, occasionally intertwining their cold tones with the timbres of live instruments, resulting in an uncommon polyphonic richness.

J. Šarkus unique project blends his alter ego, a distinctive musical and visual artistic language, and collaborations with artists from various disciplines. punktò welcomes a diverse audience. The artist critiques consumerism, the frenetic pace of modern society, and individual alienation through his music, without resorting to didacticism. The concept of time is a central theme in the debut album, aiming to create music that feels contemporary while transcending any particular era, incorporating elements reminiscent of dance music from the 70s and 80s.