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Dynamic Latvian singer-songwriter Krisy drops new song

Singer songwriter Krisy

The dynamic Latvian singer-songwriter known for her energetic performances and versatile sound has released an indie-pop love song “UsvsWorld”.

"UsvsWorld" delves deep into the realm of romantic relationships, self-discovery, and the intoxicating journey of falling in love. Crafted at the start of the year in a creative environment that fostered authenticity, Krisy took a hands-on approach to produce this track, aiming to weave a nostalgic yet vibrant soundscape that resonates with listeners on multiple levels. Renowned local producer Shenfi (Artūrs Šenfelds), lent his expertise in mixing, mastering, and guitar playing to "UsvsWorld," elevating the track with his unique touch. Krisy shares:

“'UsvsWorld' is a celebration of love and self-exploration. It's about seeing ourselves through the eyes of someone we love and uncovering aspects of our inner selves that we might have overlooked. My mission with music is to touch hearts and evoke emotions. If 'UsvsWorld' resonates with even a single listener, I consider my mission accomplished."

Since her debut in 2019 with "Don't Flip Your Wig," Krisy has emerged as a formidable talent in Latvia's music scene, refusing to be boxed into a single genre. Her discography includes a blend of R&B, hip-hop, pop, and electronic elements, showcasing her adaptability and passion for music. Krisy's collaborative spirit has also seen her work alongside notable Latvian artists such as March, E.V., and Ginger Mane.

For more information about Krisy and her music, follow her on Instagram.