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Estonian ‘Gram-Of-Fun’ Release New Single ‘Halo’

Gram-Of-Fun featuring HUEBYE “Halo” is about maintaining loving communication in the final stages of a relationship. The title of the song emphasizes the desire to end the relationship while maintaining good energy between the partners even if the relationship doesn’t last.

The music was written & produced in Berlin, it`s a collaboration between Gram-Of-Fun`s creative director Martin Kuut and German artist HUEBYE aka Thomas Peter Hübner. 

HUEBYE describes the meaning behind the lyrics of the song: “I’ve had this situation in my head of a relationship that was on the edge of falling apart and the couple was sitting on a couch feeling bad about how things were going. In their hearts they knew how this was going to end but there minds where still fighting with their frustration and their feelings for each other.”

Martin Kuut immediately resonated with HUEBYE’s lyrics.  According to HUEBYE, this is a very universal situation, when a relationship has outlived its time and you have to know how to let it go. He emphasizes, that in the midst of this difficult period, it is important to have hope for the future and to allow that feeling to ease the heart and carry through the process of feeling pain and grief. The light sound of the song carries a feeling of hope, while the words create a melancholic and reflective atmosphere.

HUEBYE is a musician from Germany who has been fascinated by the music writing process since he was 18 years old. Having studied songwriting in Australia, he now writes music and is creating his style on a daily basis. When he met Martin Kuut, while studying music production in Berlin, the musical side of “Halo” was born. Later, HUEBYE also wrote the lyrics of the song.

Gram-Of-Fun (GOF) is an Estonian super-group consisting of friends with a diverse sound language. Since their first single (“Getaway”, autumn 2018), they have had a significant rise in the Estonian music landscape. Their first EP “Second Breakfast”, released in May 2019, got both critical acclaim and praise from the music lovers. 

In the review for the “Estonian Public Broadcasting” Kaspar Viilup wrote “”Second Breakfast” is the quintessence of dance pop, even a textbook example. Bright vocals, infectious basses and funky vibrations create a whole that would fit on the main stage of a European summer festival. Euphoric modern pop that doesn’t bother even when listening on repeat. ”

LA”, a collaboration single with Fredi continued at the same pace, becoming the 2nd biggest track of the year on Estonian Radio 2 in 2020. Their latest single “Lost In A Dance” broke into commercial hit radios and airplay Top 100, also Estonian Spotify Top 50 and has become their biggest song to date. 



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