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Judith Parts releases her first conceptual solo album "Meadowsweet"

Copenhagen-based artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Judith Parts proudly unveils her highly anticipated first solo album, "Meadowsweet." With its enchanting melodies and introspective themes, this musical masterpiece takes listeners on a captivating journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

"Meadowsweet" is a unique and intricately structured album, divided into six chapters that gradually unveil the story behind the music. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of Nordic plants, Judith's Estonian roots, and her ancestral lineage, the album serves as a heartfelt tribute to her heritage. Reflecting on her transformative journey, Judith shares:

Moving abroad forced me to confront myself. It made me realize how deeply our origins shape us—the beauty, the pain, and all the experiences carried by the land and our ancestors.

Visually stunning creations accompany the album, resulting from Judith's collaboration with esteemed artists including jewellery artist Claudia Lepik, photographer Todd Richter, videographer Pille Kannimäe, and stylist Liisa-Chrislin Saleh. For Judith, capturing the essence of her roots was paramount. She reveals:

As this album is my personal exploration of my heritage, it was essential for me to return to the nature of Estonia, where we shot the mesmerizing visuals.

Judith Parts eloquently describes the significance of the plant, expressing that meadowsweet's fragrance possesses a sweetness akin to honey. Its essence is said to possess curative properties, capable of soothing headaches and inducing restful slumber. She paints a vivid picture of standing amidst a field adorned with blossoming meadowsweet, comparing the experience to inhaling the intoxicating aroma of one's beloved, causing a profound and enchanting intoxication.

The song pays homage to the strength, power, sensuality, and gentleness embodied by the mythical "Meadowsweet Queen," a character born from Judith's immersive experience amid blooming meadowsweet.

In addition to her solo project, Judith Parts is a highly accomplished composer and producer who has crafted music for numerous theatre and dance performances. With a background rooted in Estonia's breathtaking landscapes, Judith finds inspiration in the harmonious and dissonant relationship between humans and nature.


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