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Chapter one of Judith Parts conceptual album

Judith Parts has unveiled the first chapter titled "The Dream" of her upcoming conceptual album, taking listeners through her roots, family line, and the nature she grew up in. The first chapter features the captivating single "Underwater Love."

In "The Dream," Judith asks listeners to consider the world they dream of and how it differs from their world. She explains: 

Is it possible to connect them, or is that a utopia? This chapter is a dream about something bigger, something more special. 

The single is written and produced by Judith, mixed and mastered by José Diogo Neves. The visuals for the release were created in collaboration with a talented team of artists, including jewellery artist Claudia Lepik, photographer Todd Richter, videographer Pille Kannimäe, and stylist Liisa-Chrislin Saleh.

Judith Parts introduced her listeners to the conceptual album with the single "Meadowsweet" on the 3rd of March. “Meadowsweet” is a stunning introduction to the album and provides a glimpse into Judith’s unique sound world where she blends pop and experimental music.

Judith Parts is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and composer based in Copenhagen, originally from Estonia. Her unique blend of acoustic instruments, electronics, and field recordings creates a sound world where she creates experimental pop songs and minimalist instrumental pieces. In addition to her solo work, Judith has composed music for various theatre and dance productions and multimedia installations.