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Justs returns to music scene with new song

Justs Sirmais "Baltajos Palagos"

Latvian singer-songwriter Justs Sirmais has returned to the music scene with his latest single, "Baltajos Palagos." This soulful track represents a significant turning point in his musical career, as he delves into introspective territory, reflecting on the complexities of life and the pursuit of self-discovery.

"Between the Eurovision rollercoaster and this return, I managed to experience many things: one evening I improvise in a jazz bar with unknown people for a foreign audience, the next day after university in Bristol, I run to work as a waiter or look for occasional jobs. While talking to my peers, I realised that I'm not the only one still looking for my true self. Even though this song at first might feel like another song about a broken heart, for me it speaks about feelings I want to share in my music - it's not easy to choose a place, where to be in this world. We all make mistakes and change our minds and that's just normal. This is what makes us alive," says Justs.

The collaborative effort behind "Baltajos Palagos" demonstrates Justs' dedication to creating authentic and emotionally engaging music. Composed by Artūrs Šingerejs (Dons), Rūdolfs Budze, Kristaps Ērglis, Reinis Jurkovskis (Xantikvariats), and Justs himself, the song has a rich sonic landscape that captivates listeners from the first note. The song is produced by DJ Rudd.

The accompanying music video, directed by the visionary Ritvars Bluka and supported by Vincent Entertainment, is a visual feast that enhances the song's thematic depth. As Ritvars Bluka explains,

"The clip is a visual message, it's not primarily based on a narrative, but it's telling elements in different layers. Emotion is conveyed through framing and bright colours. Darkness, red, and minimal use of colours highlight the character's interior feelings."

Justs Sirmais began his musical career as a street musician. After a few years, he was invited to join the Latvian hip-hop group GACHO, with whom he participated in concerts, and created album "Smaids Līdz Ausīm”. Justs qualified for the Eurovision final with his debut single "Heartbeat" in 2016, representing Latvia at the international song contest in Stockholm. In 2016, Justs released the single "Ko tu dari?" and made it to the finals of Muzikālā banka. In 2018, he released his debut album "Here I Am".