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Female power - Pāže, Vēbere, Silova, form a new band P.S.PMS and release "Saisti"

With their new single "Saisti," band P.S.PMS, consisting of three bright Latvian musicians - Kristīne Pāže, Evija Vēbere, and Elīna Silova - presents itself to a wider audience. 

"Saisti" tells the story of addiction, habit, and the feeling of loneliness and emptiness in imagined love, based on friendship. It's about the invisible threads that tie two people together and the inability to "break out of the endless circle," comments Elīna.

"This band was formed at the end of last year when I invited Evija and Elīna to play together. I wanted to unite in a joint synergy with spiritually kindred women who create art, inspired by their complex emotional world. Each of our meetings is therapy with added value - a special sound with character. Different, but at the same time, similar and already grown into one beautiful, unusual organism," says Kristīne.

"Saisti" is the first single from the band's highly anticipated debut album, which is currently in active development.

"Elīna showed us the sketch of this song during our first meeting. We started singing together, recorded something, and then excitedly spun ideas about what our group is and what it will be. Now, when we work on our songs, we improvise together, developing the ideas and the story that has emerged. Then we record instruments - Elīna plays the bass and hums backing vocals, Kristīne plays the guitar and keyboards, and I create rhythms and sound design on modular synthesizers, and finally, I produce the recording," says Evija.

The song also has a music video directed by Toms Harjo, choreographed and conceptually authored by Jana Jacuka, and shot by Aleksandrs Okonovs. "I fell in love with the song itself. I hear delicate, subtle materials that create a grand emotional charge together. From it arises a visual story, the basis of which is people's sensual and ambiguous relationships, where they are great at loving, protecting, and hurting each other at the same time," says Harjo.