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Legendary Latvian club hit "Riga Nights" lives on in a new remake

One of the most famous and internationally recognized songs “Riga Nights” by the Latvian deejay [Ex] da Bass, has now been reworked and released by “Day Dose Of House”. Song is featuring two vocalists: British singer Ian Brearley, who can be heard on all versions of “Riga Nights”, as well as a talented vocalist Sydney Jo Jackson, who is nominated for “Best Vocalist” at the “2023 FHM Awards".

Back in 2009, when the original version of this song was released, it caused a wide resonance not only in Latvia but also abroad; in addition, the music video for the song was demonstrated by such heavyweights of music television of the time as “MTV”, “VIVA”, “Muz-TV”, “1'st Baltic Music Channel” and many others.

[Ex] da Bass talks about reworking this patriotic Latvian club hit:

“The original “Riga Nights” was released 15 years ago. This proved that world-class dance music can be created in Latvia as well. Seven years later we released a powerful 2016 version and since the number 7 is more or less lucky, in 2023 I decided that out of a tradition, there should be another cover of the song, which most likely will be the last in the saga of this legendary Latvian club hit. Why didn't we release the single at the end of 2023? The song was ready, but there were some small difficulties, and besides, we are not Mariah Carey or other giants of Christmas songs with whom we would deliberately want to compete for a place on radio station playlists during the holidays and at the end of the year. January seemed more appropriate, so ladies and gentlemen, welcome “Riga Nights 2024”.

Watch the AI video version of the song: