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Māra Upmane - Holšteine publishes an autobiographical book

Musician and soloist of the Latvian group Astro'n'out, Māra Upmane-Holšteine, has released her autobiographical book titled “Piezīmes uz šaubu malām” (eng. - "Notes on the Edges of Doubts"). This marks the musician's first venture into authorship. Starting on September 13, the book is be available for purchase in major bookstores throughout Latvia.


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"Notes on the Edge of Doubt" is a personal narrative detailing Māra's enduring journey in music, along with the challenges and revelations she encountered while pursuing her creative aspirations. The author emphasizes that this is not a book about the backstage of the domestic show business or a manual for other creative professionals. In her view, creativity is an inherently individual process, and doubts are an inevitable part of an artist's daily life that must be acknowledged without allowing them to take root.

Māra Upmane-Holšteine says about her book:

It has been over 20 years of performing on stage and writing lyrics, but this is the first time I've undertaken such a substantial piece of writing. Throughout these years, there have been moments of silence, disagreements, and situations where I realized that I couldn't control everything. This book pays tribute to the girl who, somewhere along the way, stopped believing in herself, had to put music on hold, and had to rekindle her love for it multiple times. It is a book that guides you through life's bumpy road and demonstrates that it all makes sense. 

Writer and book editor Inga Žolude highlights:

Rarely do we have the opportunity to read such a candid and personal growth story. It begins with a dream vision of a future profession—Mara's desire to become a singer. Through each new chapter, the book leads us on a path filled with challenging obstacles towards the realization of our dreams. This inspiring story addresses our own failures, whether big, small, or hidden, and encourages us to persevere, as that's the only way to achieve victory. 

Māra Upmane-Holšteine is a prominent Latvian singer and musician, renowned for her captivating performances as the lead vocalist of the popular group Astro'n'out. Her music has resonated with audiences in Latvia, and she has contributed significantly to the country's music scene.