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Discover Saulius Petreikis fresh album and join his Baltic tour

After more than three years break, one of Lithuania's most renowned artists, multi-instrumentalist Saulius Petreikis, introduces his new album “The Gate of Dreams" and embarks on a special concert tour throughout the Baltics. 

"The Gate of Dreams" is an album about escaping the rush and forgetting worldly troubles. Each composition, in its own way, guides the listener to a serene space where dreams warmly greet us. The album is dedicated to celebrating peace and reconnecting with oneself.

S. Petreikis explains about the backstory of the album: 

In the past couple of years, I travelled extensively in every sense—exploring different genres and foreign countries. After active concert activities with my brother Donatas, we joined forces to refresh the musical program, searching for the key to continue our journey. This gave birth to the new album and the musical live performance program. 

Starting on December 3rd in Luznava (Latvia), Saulius Petreikis and the band will tour 2 Latvian, 3 Estonian and 9 Lithuanian cities. The concert will include short interludes during which Saulius will present several different ancient instruments. The artist wants not only to show the instruments but also to encourage the audience to make music at home, for their own enjoyment. S. Petreikis emphasizes that in his concerts, there is no age censorship. Find the closest venue here!

Petreikis says: 

Music, the abundance of instruments has a therapeutic, balancing effect on everyone, which is very needed in our fast-paced world. This musical program is important to me also because I created it with my brother Donatas, who is, in a musical sense, a part of me. We understand each other without words and want to share this message of creating unity with everyone.

The musical program will be tailored to each concert venue. Talking about the musical tour across Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania accompanying the new album, S. Petreikis says that the concerts will feature both new and a couple of older compositions dear to the performer and his most loyal listeners.

Saulius Petreikis is a phenomenon of the music scene and one of the most expressive creators of Lithuania. His music includes both traditional and archaic wind instruments, and his performances are characterized by energy and an abundance of various emotions. The performances of the artist, who plays over 50 different instruments, resemble a colourful journey in which the sonic treasures of the Baltic and Scandinavian worlds intertwine. The music created by Saulius is warmly received by the most diverse audiences and is especially loved by families.