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Latvian electronic music producers release compilation "LV 4 UA" in support of Ukraine

Electronic music artists around the world are actively speaking out in support of Ukraine and condemning Russia's military invasion of this country. Latvian producers do not stand aside: Platz für Tanz label has released a compilation of local music "LV 4 UA". All the revenue will be sent to the electronic music communities of Ukraine.

The compilation includes tracks of more than 20 artists: Crying Skies, DarkMe, DJ Plastic, e91, Ellis Be, Holensen & Ewy, Ksenia Kamikaza, KUZUCUK, Laima Adelaide, Latino Dream, Miseralist, Nesra & Māra Ulme, Nicolas Barnes, Nikola Negorod, Puffin, Sabinē, Sirdsapes, Starpliktuve, Taran & Lomov, Tony (LV), Void Cells and ΩTek. Other artists who did not have tracks ready for the release yet, but wanted to support the project, participated with donations.

“We are all shocked by what is happening in Ukraine, and we want to support the innocent civilians suffering from the military aggression of a neighboring state,” says Ksenia Kamikaza, founder of Platz für Tanz. “In recent years, the Ukrainian electronic scene has become a significant part of world culture and probably each of the compilation participants has friends there. Now Ukrainian artists are saving people and homeless animals, helping families reunite and taking care of the disabled.”

“Profit from sales will go to artists, labels, and clubs’ representatives to purchase food, medicine, and necessary clothing. They are involved in wide communities, and they exactly know who is in real need of help right now,” Kamikaza adds. “We are waiting for the end of this unjust war more than anything in the world. Let the peace return to Ukraine, let the artists return to the art!”

#StandWithUkraine and support Ukraine!