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Latvian singer-songwriter Elizabete Vētra releases a song in support of Ukraine

Elizabete Vētra

To express condolences and support for the Ukrainian people, musician Elizabete Vētra has published the song and video "We will rebuild Ukraine". The musician is known as the lead singer in the band "Franco Franco" and as a participant in such Latvian projects as "Visas Taisnības" and the "Līdzskaņa" foundation. This song is Elizabete's first solo single.

Inspiration to record a song and film a video came from the project "Latvia for Ukraine", led by Katrīna Gupalo, where more than 40 musicians, including Elizabete Vētra, made and recorded the song "Resistance".

"Music is a powerful form of expression, a universal language that can make the world more united. I do not have tanks, weapons or ammunition to send to Ukraine, but I can use my voice, express my position and inspire others to do the same,” says Elizabete. "People have died and are still dying in this unprovoked Russian war in Ukraine. I bow my head in front of all the dead, I share the pain with those who have lost their loved ones, and at the same time, I send a ray of hope that we will go and help rebuild Ukraine. Ukraine is not and will not be alone!”

The recording of the song was made by the sound engineer and musician Reinis Kārkliņš. The video was filmed in Elizabete's hometown Cēsis, on the premises of the “Neredzīgo” Quarter. The author and producer of the idea is Elizabete herself, but the project is equally important for cameraman Aleksandrs Muižnieks and co-producer Terēze Stālmane.

"These uncertain times are a powerful reminder of how fragile the concept of freedom in today's seemingly democratic and developed world is," Aleksandrs says. "It seems to me that each of us should pay at least a little attention to what is happening in Ukraine and raise our voices. That is why the project "We will rebuild Ukraine" was very important and significant for me. Thank you for the opportunity to express my position and support for Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine! ” adds Terēze.

All proceeds made from the song will be donated to support Ukraine.

Elizabete, Terēze and Aleksandrs invite everyone to continue to support Ukraine's fight for a sovereign state and a democratic world in all possible ways. Here are all the ways you can help Ukraine and its people!