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NOËP releases a colourful studio album "Move Your Feet"

Estonian pop star's NOËP album "Move Your Feet" is a collection of ideas that are all inspired by sampling podcasts, interviews or clips seen on social media. The first track from the album, “N.Y.M.P.H.O.maniac”, was revealed last September and now the second single “Donald Glover” is out.

NOËP has loved sampling since the early days of his career, but on the new album this technique gets on a whole new meaning. Before, his creations often took inspiration from the cinematic universe, but now NOËP has taken on the endless world of social media, from Instagram to TikTok.

"Exciting and original content is one of the most difficult aspects of writing a story for me, because you don't want to write the same love song over and over again," he explains. "Instead of sampling films, I have discovered social media. I have also been inspired by podcasts and taking sentences from them. This information provides a good basis for telling stories that otherwise I wouldn’t come up with. Let's take the song "Jumprope" for example – you wouldn't think of making a song about jumping with a jump rope, but turns out you can!”

The sound is heavily based on a present NOËP gave himself last year – a new bass guitar and it’s funky waves that took a lead on his production style. Along came eight tracks that move in a contagiously smooth rhythm. “Pamela T-shirt” features classically trained Estonian composer and a cellist, producer and a DJ Sander Mölder while “Let’s Stretch” gets the perfect French touch by Amouë.

In the end of 2021 met up with NOËP to talk his LP "No Man Is An Island" and songwriting. Back then he shared a wish for 2022 -  to have more fun!

"I wanna make music that serves the purpose of escapism. I think my main goal is to have more fun, take myself and music less seriously. As easy-breezy as I can get!"

NOËP’s unique blend of alternative pop has caught the attention of music lovers and industry all over the world, amassing 60 MILLION streams on Spotify alone. His hit single „Fk This Up feat. CHINCHILLA“  recently went GOLD in Italy (with over 11.7M Spotify streams) and „On My Way feat CHINCHILLA“ reached 2M Spotify Streams.

NOËP’s debut LP "No Man Is An Island" was released in November 2021 and it brought him 4 awards at the Estonian Music Awards 2022:  Male Artist of the Year, Best Pop Act, Best Album, Best Debut Album. In addition to the global reach and appeal, NOËP was awarded ‘Pop Album of the Year’ at the Estonian Music Awards in 2019, for his first EP ‘Heads In The Clouds.

Don't miss out on seeing him live at Summer Sound festival in Latvia this summer! Here's a throwback to a perfomance of "Young Boy" at Treski Fest in Estonia last year: