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Synthesis of rock and electronic music in JAUDA's new mini-EP

Jauda. New mini EP Epilogs

Latvian band JAUDA recently released their latest studio album called “EPILOG”. The new release is a mini-EP with five covers of well-known songs and an electronic experimental "outro" track called “Epilogue”.

After the second studio album "Under water", which was released in English, the musicians started to implement an old idea, because working on the third studio album with original songs was a very difficult task in the pandemic conditions, so as such an intermediate stage between the second and third studio album, it was decided to record five songs, which the band believes have created a turning point in the music scene in their time, as well as being close to the band members.

More than ten songs were selected in total, but as time went by, only five songs passed the selection, which grew more organically with the band's sound. In general, the sound of the mini-album includes a synthesis of rock music and electronic music, allowing for experiments with the sound. Mini EP includes songs from bands such as Jumprava, Jauns Mēness, Aurora, and Līvi.

The band members are grateful to the songwriters for the powerful songs and collaboration that allowed them to accomplish what they have done.

JAUDA (Force, Power: in Latvian) is a music band founded in 2016 in Latvia (Livani). JAUDA is: Daniels Levickis(drums), Dainis Paeglis (bass), Gatis Pastars (guitar). The band plays pop-rock and alt/rock, but they like to call it new wave rock. Combining bass, drums, electric guitar and vocal sounds, the band creates a unique, live sound in their recordings and concerts. JAUDA - it's not a story about pink glasses, it's a realism of life with grey days, beautiful moments and real emotions that is served on a musical tray. JAUDA is a force that is inside each of us - we just have to figure out how to use it. JAUDA released their first album "Durvis atvērtas" (Door Open) in May of 2018 and all songs were in latvian.

Currently, JAUDA continues to actively perform at festivals in Latvia, as well as in Lithuania and Estonia. To find out more about the upcoming concerts, follow the information on the JAUDA's Facebook and Instagram profiles.