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Võnge Festival reveals line-up and festival's location

Võnge Festival, which travels to a new venue every year, will be held on July 6-8 in Setomaa, Anzelikas Organic Farm this summer. A third of the festival's line-up has been announced: Sevdaliza (Iran/Netherlands), Orelipoiss, Elephants From Neptune, Rosie Carney (Ireland), Florian Wahl, Oopus, German Superfin (Latvia), säm, The Boondocks, Cédric Hanriot (France) and Shira.

An exclusive reunion concert will take place at the festival, when after a 13-year break, the legendary Estonian indie rock band Claire's Birthday, led by Vaiko Eplik, will return to the stage.

Now the first international headliner has been announced, which is the world-famous Iranian-Dutch singer and songwriter Sevdaliza. The artist, who stands out from the crowd and has a raw sound language that pushes boundaries, mixes elements of electronic music, indie, trip-hop, R'n'B and avant-pop in her work. Sevdaliza's songs have often also mystical music videos with powerful visuals not shy about conveying messages of femininity and sexuality.

The video for the song "Rhode", released in 2020, was filmed in Estonia by director Anna Himma. Born in Iran and moved to the Netherlands at the age of five, Sevdaliza speaks Persian, Dutch, English, French and Portuguese. She has repeatedly expressed her support for women fighting for their rights and freedom in Iran and elsewhere in the world, both in her work and in her words.

The list of artists released also includes the esteemed and beloved singer OrelipoissElephants From Neptune, who just received the title of Rock Album Of The Year at the Estonian Music Awards; Irish singer-songwriter Rosie Carney, who has got more than 200 million streams on various platforms; one of the most promising artists of the local rap scene säm; a strong favorite of last year's Estonian music critics' album charts Florian Wahl; Latvian charismatic Russian language rapper German SuperfinThe Boondocks sailing on the borders of indie rock, retro rock and punk; folktronica band Oopus, who recently participated in the world-famous Eurosonic festival; Grammy-winning French pianist and composer Cédric Hanriot and the charming R'n'B singer Shira.

For the first time, the Võnge Festival runs for three days. It all starts with "Quiet Thursday". From six o'clock in the evening until one in the early morning, only the brightest notes and the softest melodies can be heard among the primeval forests of Setomaa. On the second and third day of the festival, the wonderful fields of South-East Estonia will be filled with a much more varied music cocktail and the unusually cozy atmosphere of Võnge. Both Friday and Saturday's main program starts at two in the afternoon and swings out into the dark. During the three days of the festival, a truly international and fairly multi-genre company will perform on two traditional and several smaller, poetic stages planted directly in the bosom of nature.

In the coming months, twenty more live artists and a dozen DJs from Estonia and other parts of the world will be announced, who will delight the festival visitors in the summer. In addition to music, the festival treats guests with rich taste, art and cultural experiences. A playground specially created for these three days and a comprehensive special program await the kids.

Võnge Festival passes and day tickets are available here. The event is free for children up to 11 years old (including). 12-17 year olds can visit the festival with a super affordable youth pass. Well-behaved dogs and other pets are also allowed to come to Võnge.

See our gallery from Võnge Festival 2022. Photos: Evelīna Zvirbule,


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