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B OPTIMIST fifth studio album "Gaiteņi"

On December 6, rock trio B OPTIMIST released their fifth studio album „Gaiteņi” (eng. - "Corridors"). It features 11 original songs written over the past two years.

"Gaiteņi” is like a road with different twists and turns of life that everyone is roaming to get to their destination; it is a labyrinth of life – a place for new opportunities and turning points.

The musical core of the album was created at the beginning of 2020 in two creative sessions. This time, the band used more electronics, experimenting with synthesized sounds, but at the same time keeping the sound and attitude of rock music. The album was recorded in B OPTIMIST studio, mixed and mastered by Valters Levins, produced by B OPTIMIST, music and lyrics: B OPTIMIST, album cover photo: Gatis Levins.

This year, three singles were released from the album "Gaiteņi" with music videos: "Akvareļos", "Mēles" and "Tie būsim mēs". Previously, the band has released four albums: their debut album "B OPTIMIST", EP "Kopā" (eng. "Together"), "Visur skan" (eng. - "It sounds everywhere"), as well as an acoustic album with Latvian folk song words "Turpinies!" (eng. - "Go ahead").

B OPTIMIST play energetic and emotional rock music in Latvian since 2013. B OPTIMIST are: Valters Levins on vocals and guitar, Linards Liepa on bass guitar and backing vocals, and Roberts Levins on drums. Their music is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, Youtube, etc.