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Malou and NOËP deliver sonic bliss with "what's left in your mind"

Malou and NOEP new single "what's left in your mind"

Rising German music sensation Malou and Estonian multi-talent NOËP, aka Andres Kõpper, have joined forces to unveil their creation, "what’s left in your mind." The single is an enchanting blend of sepia-tinged nostalgia and cutting-edge synth strokes, with Malou making a strong case for turning off “what’s left in your mind” and instead listening to what we feel inside. Fresh from their electrifying live performance of the collabo single at NOËP's inaugural stadium concert in Tallinn's A. Le Coq Arena, "what’s left in your mind" is now set to captivate playlists worldwide.

Soundtracked by playful yet potent beatscapes, the emotions slowly unfurl. Initially still heavy with ballast, doubts, and a little too much headiness, NOËP's sweeping arrangements soon make room for thundering synth waves that cleanse the soul, leaving nothing but love in their wake: „I mean it by heart when I say ‘you’re mine“, Malou sings, her voice dreamy and full of tenderness. Mixing indie pop and dreamy electronica, NOËP effortlessly carries forward the sonic vibes initiated by Malou's recent singles "Lose That" and "Lying," ushering in a new chapter for the singer.

Malou, the Hamburg native with Hawaiian roots, has crafted a unique musical path marked by resilience and authenticity. Raised by a loving family after being adopted, she discovered music as her voice to narrate her story. Her cinematic sound has already graced the title track of the film "Balaya" in 2019, and her track "Focus" was featured during Apple's keynote event in the autumn of '22, perfectly complementing the unveiling of the latest iPhone 14 Pro camera features.

Before her recent solo releases, the 24-year-old songstress repeatedly made waves in the electro scene as a featured artist, collaborating with renowned acts like Jan Blomqvist, VINAI, Dubdogz, Selva, and Scorz. Her collaboration "Breathing" with Ben Böhmer and Nils Hoffmann has garnered over 55 million streams on Spotify, solidifying her position as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Through-out the years Estonian artist NOËP has gained more than 60 million streams on Spotify only, mainly from the Italian golden record status track ‘‘fk this up’. His album “No Man Is An Island” brought him four Estonian Music Awards. NOËP’s latest album ‘Move Your Feet’ came out on February 14th, inspired by different podcasts, interviews and clips circling on social media.