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New single and video "Muoseņa" by Tautumeitas and Renārs Kaupers

Continuing their successful collaboration from last year, the ethno music group Tautumeitas and Renārs Kaupers present their latest collaboration - the single “Muoseņa" from the upcoming Tautumeitas album "Skrejceļš", and a music video.

The song "Muoseņa" was written by musicians Asnate Rancāne and Renārs Kaupers, and the lyrics are mostly Latgalian folk songs. Each verse contains a valuable life lesson or existential reflection, but they all speak about the challenges that almost everyone faces as a member of society: comparison, belittling and gossiping. These negative actions are the result of the individual's failure to meet accepted standards.

Asnate Rancāne, the co-author of the song and member of the group Tautumeitas, admits that there are times when you feel like everything is slipping through your fingers and fate appears unstoppable.

"These are often situations in which we realize we are being used, and sometimes the sign that we need to listen to our hearts comes through the door at just the right time. In the video, we have symbolically depicted the message through the traditional marriage storyline. Times have changed, and with this song and video, we want people to believe that they should live their dreams, goals, and feelings without fear of being misunderstood - because what one person does not understand will be understood and appreciated by someone else! Let this song and video serve as an encouragement to our listeners not to give up and to take courageous steps toward their happiness, as well as an inspiration to walk their own path," Asnate Rancāne says.

Like the first flower of spring, the message sung by Renārs Kaupers, both musically and textually, brings brightness and faith that everything will be fine.

"Interestingly, the idea for the song "Muoseņa" came even before "Tur, kur Dieva kamanas slīd" and other songs that we released together with "Tautumeitas" in the album "Gads bez kalendāra". Because my father and mother's grandparents are from Latgale, I was immediately drawn to the fact that the song would be in Latgalian.

The girls suggested that the song includes a segment with my original music and lyrics. It came in Latvian and the inspiration came from the song "pasiedi muoseņ, padūmoj, kū tu šudiņ padareij..". The wise of the world say that the only way to achieve clarity is to calm down and stop - only then can one truly understand oneself and the world. I am very happy that the friendly collaboration between Prāta Vētra and Tautumeitas is continuing. And, given the latest news, I'm sure we'll see each other at the big concerts this summer," says Renārs Kaupers.

The video for the song "Muoseņa" was filmed at the farm "Vectūļi", an architectural landmark in the Vecpiebalga district with a more than 200-year history. The video was directed by the young talent Helmuts Bondars and the actors are dressed in costumes designed by Ilze Tigule and Alise Ķīnasta. The unique flower headpieces were made by Aurēlija Rancāne, a member of the group Tautumeitas.

Tautumeitas will perform its only major concert this summer, named "Skrejceļš," on August 26 in the port of Skulte, Saulkrasti. Tickets here.

Tautumeitas is Ethno music girl group from Latvia consisting of six singers Asnate, Aurelija, Laura L, Ilona, Laura V and Gabriela. Girls use melodies and lyrics of Latvian folk songs, create powerful harmonies and fuse them with modern beats and production spreading magical vibes all over the world. Girls are also creative with their visual look - their costumes and crowns represent, how close the 'traditional' and 'futuristic' actually are. Their appearance is cosmic, yet real, powerful, yet feminine.

Several members of the group have studied ethnomusicology. The influence of folk music from different countries can be felt in their music.

Two group's albums have won the Latvian Music Record Award as the Best Folk / World music album 2018 and 2020. The song "Tur, kur Dieva kamanas slīd" created in collaboration with music band "Prāta Vētra" won the Latvian Radio award as The Most Valuable Song 2021. The group is four-time Annual Latgalian Culture Award "Boņuks" winner. 

Renārs Kaupers is a Latvian singer, songwriter, and composer. He is best known as the leader and lead singer of the Latvian pop-rock band Prāta Vētra. Renārs Kaupers has also taken part in various musical collaborations and has appeared in a number of films.